10 Best Local SEO Web Design Tools

Written by: Jason Bayless | February 11, 2017

Every mechanic requires a set of tools to complete a task correctly. Similarly, a search engine optimization (SEO) expert requires certain SEO tools. Just like mechanics turn to reliable wrenches to diagnose and repair a vehicle, so does an SEO expert requires scanning tools to diagnose a website and analyze the items that require being addressed to increase the SERP’s rankings.

Optimization for local search results is a vital marketing strategy aspect for online businesses that have physical locations. Ranking factors like customer reviews and contact details are essential since they help an enterprise appear in local search results so that clients can find it. SEO tools are indispensable in diagnosing and solving the problem to ensure that the website performs to its best. Here is a list of top 10 SEO tools.

1. WhiteSpark
WhiteSpark is essential in building tools and providing services that assist businesses with local search optimization. It has a local citation finder that helps a business to discover where to list to achieve better local search rankings. You can get more than a hundred citation sources per key phrase.
2. BrightLocal
It started as a search agency that was offering local search services. BrightLocal helps local enterprises by developing a platform to automate tasks like tracking rankings, submitting to local directories, running audits, and identifying citations. With BrightLocal, you can find and monitor NAP (name, address, and phone) and existing citations as well as observe your reputation on review sites. You can also get alerts to enable you quickly resolve negative reviews.
3. Moz Local
It is an expensive tool that assists local search engines to get your business online. The tool also helps new customers to find your business. Moz Local will push accurate location data to various top-tier online directors and major data aggregators to help a business update its listings.
It is a local SEO solution that offers a do-it-yourself approach with the aim of empowering businesses and demystifying local SEO. You can get a custom LSEO score indicating your performance online. LSEO offers a playbook that improves your traffic, score, and rankings. LSEO has automated systems and local SEO professionals that give you a score of how you are doing as you submit your work, then give step-by-step feedback to enhance your local SEO and online visibility.
5. Yext
The digital presence management platform helps more than 500,000 business locations to manage geo data and promotional content across directory partners, map, search engine, and app. You can use this tool to customize and update content for each location.
6. Localeze
Localeze offers tools that allow businesses to manage, enhance and verify the identity of their local listings online. The business listings management platform for local search allows you to update local listings information.
7. SEMrush
It provides tools for competitor analysis and keyword research to assist businesses in developing their advertising strategy. SEMrush has a position tracking tool that allows businesses to track any keyword or domain from any site and filter down to a location-specific data. The Competitors Discovery feature shows the local competitors that are ranking in Google’s top 100 results for the keywords you want to use.
8. GeoRanker
Georanker uses servers from various sites and retrieves live ranking data from Google the same way it is being displayed to any user from a particular location. The local SEO platform has the Citation Finder that helps in identifying the best citation sources for a business and location.
9. LocalVox
It is an online marketing platform. The platform assists local businesses to market themselves online via emails, search, and social media directories among others. Companies can create deals, news and events using content wizard then easily publish across directories and local publishers.
10. Yoast Local
The Yoast Local plugin offers search engines such as Google the right information to find a business in the local search results. Yoast Local is a local variation of WordPress SEO plugin.

You can improve your landing page or website using the above tools. You just need to identify the areas you need to enhance then use the tools to do so.