10 Fundamentals of Understanding Local SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | February 24, 2018

When training how to ride a bike, the scariest moment could be when your training wheels come off. However, after you master the concept of balancing, steering, pedaling and braking, it becomes more comfortable to ride the bike without the training wheels. This idea is much used to explain the understanding of the search engine optimization. Failure to understand the basics makes the entire concept a foreign language to you. The following fundamentals will, therefore, assist you in understanding the concept of SEO better and be able to use it in the best way possible.

On-site SEO

The most critical component in any work is the foundation your lay for that work. Failure to lay a good and reliable foundation translates to a couple of issues which could cost you in the end. It is very crucial to have an excellent foundation for your website and understand what you need for such website. An excellent website must consist of the following:

• Sitemaps

• Unique text contents

• Bot accessibility

• URL structure

• Server-response codes

If you do not have a solid foundation, you may find your site held up in search results. Get what is necessary to be able to rank well in Google potentially.

Outstanding site content

Having some duplicate content on your website could hinder you from ranking well in Google. Ensure that you use the Google Analytics to analyze the content and pages to understand the traffic transitions. Pages with less traffic must be consolidated to their parent pages. That will boost the ranking of the parent page.

Title Tags

Always define the service which you are willing to rank for when setting your website content. For the home page, title tags will be helpful. Business metrics can assist you in making title tags decisions. Get to know how to use the title tags to rank in the local market.

Quality backlinks

Getting quality backlinks is necessary for ranking in Google. You must also note that quantity matter more than quality, especially regarding backlinks. However, if you are interested in getting quality backlinks, you should sign up for the Help a Reporter Out (HARO). That allows you to get daily e-mails from different outlets which you can respond as a director for the firm.

Digital PR

While “Help a Reporter Out” is a great way to acquire quality backlinks, it may not be the only way to which you can get the authoritative backlinks. Getting plenty of trustworthy websites which link back to your site such as Digital PR is crucial.

Disavow Spammy Backlinks

Always keep track of your links. This can be possible by logging into the Google search and downloading the latest links report. If you get any Spammy links in the report, hire professional help to audit your backlinks.

Local SEO

The ranks in Google along with addresses and star rates mostly come from the “Google My Business” page. Hence ensure that your local business details are consistent along with most recent photos.

Listing of local businesses

Local businesses listings are necessary for ensuring that all the business rated are legit. Ensure that the company is well-registered and can be found in the local directories.

Monitoring success

It is great how one can track five different campaigns with Moz. The best part is that this can be shared with other business people in your area. The kind of keywords tracked defines the type of decisions a business person will make.

Consistency Marketing

The contents must always be stellar, to maintain legitimate traffic and legitimate site. The topics must be compelling too with great insightful information that gives value to the reader.

Understand that your website remains to be the primary marketing hub for your business. Compelling and excellent content will convert many customers and Google will reward such through ratings and ranks.