10 Killer White Hat Local SEO Link Building Tips

Written by: Jason Bayless | February 04, 2017

If you’re still paying for links or focusing entirely on web directories, then you’ve either experienced a few, stiff penalties already, or you’re well on your way. Link building should be an organic and gradual effort. You want links that are published on reputable platforms and that are guaranteed to be seen, and to drive quality traffic. Following are 10 killer white hat local SEO link building tips that will make it easy to move away from unsavory and unprofitable, link building practices.

1. Use Press Releases To Build Links

Press releases can be published in print and online. Make sure that all of your company press releases have your URL in your contact information. Although this should be a standard practice among local companies, it currently isn’t. Not only will adding this info drive more traffic to your pages, but it can also help you get far better returns from these marketing efforts.

2. Sponsor A Charitable Event

Look for a charitable event in your area to sponsor. When pledging your monies, ask to have your URL published on any online platforms that mention your contribution. Not only is this an excellent, white hat practice for building organic links, but it’s also good PR.

3. Offer A Military Discount

Offering a military discount is both good public relations and proactive reputation management given that it shows your organization in a positive light and makes your brand stand out in an appealing way. This is also an opportunity to post links on any local platforms that offer information about current and forthcoming, military discounts.

4. Get Nominated For Local Rewards

You may be surprised by the number of local rewards that are passed out each year to honor standout members of your niche. Find out what you have to do to get nominated for one of these honors and begin the application process. Award winners are usually listed online along with links to their web pages. If you’ve recently earned an award, ask to have your URL included with your company information. Even getting nominated for local rewards can also present opportunities to have your link published.

5. Create A Resource Page For Your Market

A resource page is more than just another platform for advertising your business. This gives you an opportunity post helpful information and reviews about something that you’re personally passionate about. Being able to link this page back to your business is guaranteed perk.

6. Make A Donation

Non-profit organizations often have donor pages on their websites. When submitting your gift, be sure that your web address is present within your company details. Like all other forms of giving, this is both good for link-building and good for polishing your brand image.

7. Look For Guest Blogging Opportunities

Make an effort to connect with companies that are loosely related to your niche. Ask for a guest blogging opportunity in exchange for the same favor on your website. Odds are, you won’t have any trouble finding small, local businesses that are just as eager to build organic links as you.

8. Host A Community Event Within Your City Or County

Offer to share your industry expertise with local consumers through a free, community event. For instance, if you happen to own your own karate studio, offer to host a self-defense class. This can lead to links on city and county web pages as well as coverage in the news media.

9. Add Your Business To A Niche-Specific Web Directory

Web directories should never be your sole means of building links, but they can be used as part of a balanced and strategic link-building plan. Look for geo-local, niche-specific directories that are human-edited and well-maintained. Keep in mind that you’re overusing these platforms whenever you’re building more directory links than organic ones.

10. Integrate Your Social Networking And Link-Building Plans

Always take the time to share links to interest-specific web pages when updating your social networking feeds or responding to the posts or comments of friends and fans. If you have an onsite blog, be sure to publish links to your new posts as soon as these go live. Integrating your social networking and link-building efforts will help you get more from each of these activities without having to invest any extra effort or time.