10 Pinterest SEO Tips That Will Set You Up for Success

Written by: Jason Bayless | February 13, 2018

Pinterest is an underrated marketing platform. If used correctly, you can bring in a great audience to your page. To do this, you need to implement the correct steps that will set you up for success by incorporating Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Meaning, through using keywords and visually appealing setup, your page will become more visible to the public when searching the web.

First, you must create a profile that will catch the attention of other users. While a nickname or a funny name may be ideal for friends and family, it will not always fit the audience that you hope to attract. Choose a name that is instantly recognizable and catchy. You will be using this name to bring in a particular crowd; therefore, you want something that reflects the type of pins and boards that you will have.

You will then want to optimize your boards. Creating boards that are clean, with the main picture that will summarize the board. Each board title should reflect the overall pins in the board or be named with a catchy, thematic name. You may have a profile that revolves around history, nature, inspirational quotes; whichever it may be, choose board names that will incorporate these themes.

Next, you must focus on the pins you will be adding to your boards. All pins must, in one way or another, make sense with the title of the board. Pins should be clear. Adding detailed descriptions will also allow people to find your board when typing in specific keywords. You want pictures that are tall or contain multiple images.
Pinterest users are more attracted to images such as these because the pictures are clear and they can easily identify if the picture fits their search.

Descriptions, descriptions, descriptions! This is key when trying to optimize your boards. Do not be afraid to add as much as description as possible. When adding descriptions, do not use hashtags. Hashtags are solely, although not completely useless, for Instagram. You want to keep Pinterest and Instagram separate as these mediums are different.

Fifth, keywords are essential to searches. You can conduct your research by typing in words in the Pinterest search bar and seeing how they are organized. Pinterest also has boards that demonstrate keyword optimization. Type in keywords in the search bar, and you will find articles that will help you find the best keywords for your boards.

Next, provide pins that will bring back the audience. Find pins that sell an item, provide part of a recipe, share some decoration tips, etc. These pins may also be things such as blogs that offer continuous advice.

Tip number 7 is by far the most obvious, but the most overlooked. Simply checking the link and making sure it is not broken. Many times pinners are provided a link but find nothing on the other end.

Finally, the last 3 tips are easy and quick to apply. Pin consistently, provide quality over quantity and choose images that are clear.