10 Quick Tips for Local SEO- Part 1

Written by: Jason Bayless | January 23, 2018

Search engine optimization, or SEO, has put itself in the spotlight for many years now. Right now, no one sees any indication that this spotlight will fade anytime soon. The website of any business needs SEO to grow, get more visitors, and turn them into customers. The process operates as an arduous journey, so much so that it acts as a science. This blog post will give you ten tips that you can put on your website to quickly climb up the ranks for your keyword.

  1. Create Video Content Whenever PossibleRight now, Google has made moves to push the Internet towards a video-based environment. For example, YouTube currently operates as the second biggest search engine in the world. Bring in more traffic by creating a YouTube channel that gets regularly updated with informative, entertaining content.
  2. Get Creative With Your SEOTo win at SEO, you will have to put on your creativity hat. Google has caught onto many of the SEO tactics that got webmasters quick wins in the past and have passed out penalties as a result. When you work hard to create funny, informative, and valuable content, Google will reward you with authority.
  3. Promote Your ContentIf you write a blog post and nobody reads it, does it mean that it exists in the eyes of Google? Not on the first page. After you create content, you will need to spend considerable time promoting it.
  4. Work On Your Link BuildingReaching out to websites to get links seems like an overwhelming endeavor. However, you can use tools such as Open Site Explorer to see the links and anchor words that your competitors have used successfully. You can then use this information to reach out to these same websites.
  5. Point to Quality ContentYes, you have to create excellent content. But you should also point your visitors to quality content made by other creators. Google looks kindly on webmasters who point their website visitors to other authoritative sources.
  6. Always Emphasize Quality Over QuantityNever work on a new piece of content until you have optimized the last piece for SEO purposes. If you have one piece of content that ranks well in the search engines, that is better than having 50 blog posts that no one read.
  7. Answer the Burning Questions of Your VisitorsWhen you become an expert in your niche, Google will reward you with authority and high rankings. Write informative, in-depth content on a regular basis. Think about the questions that your customers ask the most and spend considerable time creating content that answers the query in an entertaining, illuminating, and thoughtful way.
  8. Put Your Keywords in H1, H2, and H3 HeadingsTo get high rankings both locally and nationally, put your keywords in your H1, H2, and H3 headings. Perform keyword research to find the phrases that you will use in your content’s headings.
  9. Put Focus On Your Best ContentLook at keywords that you might have looked over in the past and incorporate them into the piece. Contact others in your niche for link building purposes. This process can make your original blog post or article much more effective.
  10. Create a Good, Reliable WebsiteExcellent content and a good backlinking profile from industry competitors still work as the best ways to get a high ranking for your website on Google. Instead of focusing on how to beat the Google system, make sure that your website runs well, creates a good user experience, and adds value for the visitors.