10 Tips Learned From Local SEO Companies

Written by: Jason Bayless | August 26, 2017

“Search Engine Optimization is today one of the most effective tools for putting your business on the charts. Ignoring SEO is as good as throwing away more than three-quarters of your searches.

Research shows that over 70% percent of customers buy from either people they know or people that have been referred to them. One sure way of ensuring that people who search for products and services online will find you is to raise your SEO standards.

Below are tips I have learned from local SEO companies that can help you and your business to grow.

1. Use a website/blog name that directly defines your business: If for example, you offer catering services. Your blog or website should have a name that relates to that.

2. Search and apply keywords: Most people search for defined words. Using phrases like “”how to””, “”tips on””, will not only increase your chances of being found but will accelerate your ranking on ranking sites.

3. Deliver quality, fresh and informative content: People we look for solutions from your website if it is readable and a credible source. Avoid copy and paste from other sources because Google will penalize you heavily on what they term as plagiarism.

4. Be consistent: Most sites that we get information from are decades old. It takes a lot of commitment and hard work to get your page up there. You will need to stamp your presence and continually give valuable content.

5. Be available: The best way to ensure that you do not miss out on opportunities is always to be available online. Respond to user reviews, comment on postings, and share your resources with others as they also share yours. There is no easier way of converting your web traffic into customers than being readily available for them when they need you.

6. Maximize on social media avenues: Multi-linking and marketing tools like Google, Yahoo, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Ensure your posts appear in every media source you have access to. Build on your followers responses as well; encourage them to comment and share to other sites. This will spread your links far and wide.

7. Create relationships: Sometimes it may look like a waste of time, to spend so much time creating a blog post for another person (sometimes even for free). It’s not. When you post as a guest, you cross promote yourself to other related sites. It’s a very useful strategy if you ensure that the content is published. Find prominent blogs that are related to your niche, and that can raise your standards and introduce you to the wider market.

8. Use additives: Just like food needs spicing, content on a blog needs to be attractive. Who doesn’t want to be entertained? Nowadays readers are used to entertainment, and so they have expectations as they land your post. Try to add some video clips, photos, and references to website urls. Apply good formatting as well, spacing and color. This will significantly improve readability of your content.

9. Make your contacts conspicuous: Your business name, address, phone contacts and URL’s should be easily searchable. When you search yourself or your business on Google; what do you see? This should guide you on how to edit and place your contacts. Paste on about page at the bottom and Contacts page for ease of access.

10. Invest in resources: Good software and editors can help you streamline on the necessary information to include on your page. From an individual perspective, your work may look appealing to you, remember always to seek other people’s opinion. Trust me; it makes the whole difference. There are errors you will never notice and ideas you may not conceive as an individual. I would advise you have a grammar checker and other editor softwares as well to eliminate any chance of publishing errors.

I hope this article was helpful, would like to know your thoughts. Please leave your comments below.”