11 Local SEO Tips That Really Bring Website Traffic

Written by: Jason Bayless | June 20, 2017

One thing that is important to most website owners is their traffic. Traffic is a term used to describe visitors to a website. If a website has higher traffic amounts, it is receiving many visitors. However, low traffic websites have little to no visitors. There are SEO changes that can be made which should bring about a quick improvement in rankings. Here are 11 local SEO tips that really bring website traffic.

Perform Keyword Research – The first tip to ranking any website is good keyword research. Ensure that you are using keywords that don’t have high levels of competition. Lower competition keywords are easier to rank a website for.

Properly Optimize Titles – Sometimes, an easy to miss on-page SEO mistake can leave a site out of the top ten. Titles should have your main keyword within them. You can use a keyword here and insert a few filler words around it.

Don’t Keyword Stuff – Keyword stuffing is what happens when you use a keyword too many times. Inserting your keyword in every sentence is going to set off red flags for search engines. Aim for including your keyword in only 1% of your entire text.

Avoid Thin Content – Readers don’t want to visit your website to be sold to. Creating engaging and long-form content (upwards of 550 words) keeps your bounce rate low. Websites with poor content will have visitors leaving quickly, raising the bounce rate.

Create Videos – There are many ways to get traffic to your website. One of the best ways is through creating video content. Videos can rank well in search engines. Also, leaving a backlink in your videos to your website increases web traffic.

Get Listed on Google Maps – Having a Google Maps listing for your business is a must in local SEO. Having your business listed in Google Maps can bump your business to the top of search engines. In addition, a listing on Google Maps ensures that people can now have GPS directions to your business.

Local Directory Backlinks are Great – Backlinks from local sources including newspapers, libraries, and other businesses is great for increasing website traffic. Many local links will be read exclusively by people in your area which is another bonus.

Keep Listings Consistent – When creating directory backlinks, it can get a little monotonous. However, it is crucial that you keep addresses, phone numbers, and other business information consistent when posting on directories. You don’t want to have a listing ranking well that has an out of date phone number or address.

Post Website Content to Social Media Pages – Posting website content to social media pages is an easy way to increase your followers and rankings. Search engines place website traffic as an important ranking factor. Having social media traffic ready for your next post can mean big jumps in initial rankings.

Don’t Forget About Social Signals – Search engines are placing more importance on likes and shares that posts receive. If you can get readers to share your content, it will likely improve, in terms of rankings.

Track Your Keywords – There are many programs to help you track your keywords. It is wise to use keyword trackers so you know which pages are performing well and which ones are not.

In closing, following these tips can really improve the rankings of your website. One last tip is to take note of all SEO changes you make. It is always a good idea to test strategies to find what works best for you. Changes made on a website can take time to show up in search engines.