• Mobile Practices for SEO

    Written by: Jason Bayless | March 31, 2015

    The mobile market for commerce is expanding at a rapid rate with no indication of turning around. The Millennial generation that grew up on computers actually prefer to do commerce on a mobile phone. If you are running a business, then you need to maximize your presence within the major search engines on mobile platforms […]

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  • Best Local SEO Content Practices

    Written by: Jason Bayless | March 28, 2015

    Although you have the ability to reach anyone in the world on the Internet, they do not have the responsibility to respond to you. The major search engines will note the actions of the people that you reach out to if you are rejected, then Google, Yahoo and Bing will assume that your website does […]

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  • Why Bounce Rate Can Help Local SEO

    Written by: Jason Bayless | March 26, 2015

    A website’s bounce rate refers to the number of times a visitor, or user, comes to a website, views a single page and then immediately leaves without viewing additional pages. In essence, they literally “bounce out” of the website. For companies trying to reach their local market, lowering a website’s bounce rate implies that the […]

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  • How Infographics Help Your Local SEO

    Written by: Jason Bayless | March 24, 2015

    Boosting your business with online tactics drives potential customers to your website. For your marketing to work, you need to have specialized strategies that help others to find you. If not, you will become lost to thousands of other websites that are offering tactics to drive business forward. A new and growing approach to add […]

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  • Web Design with Local SEO in Mind

    Written by: Jason Bayless | March 21, 2015

    In order to maximize your search engine ranking, you must learn to master to of the most important concepts in the new age of search engine optimization – how to bolster your local search engine ranking and how to design your website to manifest your search index profile. Here is how to design your website […]

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  • How To Perform Local SEO Audits

    Written by: Jason Bayless | March 19, 2015

    Before we can diagnose problems with the site, we have to know exactly what we’re dealing with. Therefore, the first (and most important) preparation step is to crawl the entire website. Below is an example of how to begin your website analysis with crawling. Crawling Your Website Crawling a website is the first task you must […]

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  • Local SEO Tips for Dentists

    Written by: Jason Bayless | March 17, 2015

    As a dentist, you need to understand that most clients are searching online for the services you provide locally. One of the ways for your practice to be found online is to use search engine optimization (SEO). Here, prospective clients for your dental practice can access your services faster because you are more visible. However, […]

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  • Local SEO for Law Firms in 2015

    Written by: Jason Bayless | March 14, 2015

    Many law firms generate repeat or steady business from clients, but regardless of the type of law that your firm specializes in, there is also typically a need to generate new business. There are many efforts that your firm may take to encourage new clients to contact your firm for an initial consultation about their […]

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  • How to Do Local SEO in 2015

    Written by: Jason Bayless | March 12, 2015

    Some businesses have a broad target audience that spans across state lines and even across multiple continents. For example, many e-commerce retailers are able to sell their products nationally or internationally, and they may be focused on trying to get their website visible to the largest geographic area possible to maximum their profit margin. Other […]

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  • Best 7 Secrets for Local SEO

    Written by: Jason Bayless | March 10, 2015

    Google and other major search engines utilize links, local listing pages, business listings, website content, and local citations in order to return the best relevant results back to their users. Want to learn how you can improve your local SEO results in order to enhance your business and dominate the local search results? Try using […]

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