2016 Google Pigeon

Written by: Jason Bayless | March 03, 2016

2016 Google Pigeon: The Local SEO Algorithm

The local SEO algorithm, Pigeon, gives the major search engines a standard by which to judge viability of websites across the Internet. Pigeon is the service upgrade that gave Google a lock on local search engine optimization. If you want to eventually become a global presence online, you have to make it through the Google Pigeon standard. Here are some of the ways that you can work with the upgrade to create a highly visible website that will maintain its position for years to come.

– If your business has not embraced the Yelp platform, you should do it immediately.

Ever since the Pigeon update, Google has made it a point to work with the top review site Yelp. Yelp created quite a stir on the Internet when it complained that Google was not giving Yelp its just due as the number one review website on the Internet. Google went above and beyond after that complaint made noise. In order to achieve any kind of lasting rank within your locale, you need to have great Yelp reviews.

In short, having good reviews on Yelp will increase your search ranking on Google thanks to the Pigeon algorithm update. Keep in mind that you cannot just fill Yelp with any review – Google can tell the difference between a good one and a bad one. Make sure that your off-line customer service is excellent and solicit reviews for Yelp so that you can build your positioning on Google.

– Be very precise with your location.

As more websites find their way onto the Internet, Google is forced to be more precise with its location finders. If it maintained the same distance and location finders as five years ago, every search would fill out with far too many results. This means that a business that would be relevant 20 miles away from a particular location is no longer relevant in search results. You need to dedicate your keywords and tags accordingly.

Precision means that you may localize your keywords by more than just the city that your physical storefront is in. You may actually need to locate your business by street name in all of your keywords and tags. Pay close attention to what actually works when you are testing different strategies. Keep all of the top keyword choices in an Excel sheet so that you can come back to them quickly if you need to change them in response to a Pigeon update.

– Traditional search engine optimization efforts will matter.

Just because your website is easy to locate does not mean that it will achieve the top spot in Google rankings. You still need to keep up with all of your other search engine optimization efforts. Pigeon is not a replacement for traditional search engine optimization; it is an add on for local business. What does this mean for your company? Aside from having your citations in order, you also need to create a localized keyword strategy and link structure that works for your business.

Everything needs to be working in tandem in order for your business to maximize its search ranking. Analyze everything in your power so that you can always keep up with the latest algorithm changes that Google may implement. Google does not always announce is changes in the public market. In many cases, people do not find out about changes until their ranking starts to drop. Do not be one of these unfortunate business people; keep your eye on Google all of the time to come out ahead online.