2016 Trends in Local SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | June 09, 2016

Businesses that fail to keep up with the latest developments and innovative new marketing techniques may find themselves hard pressed to obtain the level of results that only the search engine optimization (SEO) and other content-based marketing strategies can provide. Learning more about the latest trends and local SEO marketing techniques that are having the biggest impact on the industry can allow businesses to more easily craft a marketing strategy better suited to their specific needs. From video content to the growing popularity of digital assistants and other applications changing the way users search for information, business owners stand to benefit by staying up to date on the biggest SEO trends of 2016.

The Growing Popularity Video Content

While video content is not expected to eclipse written content as the industry standard for marketing media for a few more years, the increasing popularity of video format and platforms is something that businesses can no longer afford to ignore. Businesses are utilizing high-quality videos in order to showcase their products, inform their customers and enhance their online presence in greater numbers than ever before. Marketing campaigns that rely solely on written content may no longer be effective enough to produce the quality and level of results that businesses may require.

Less Emphasis on Keywords

Once an industry standard, headlines that feature keywords are becoming less important. Adhering to older formats by shoehorning keywords into titles may result in content that look and feels outdated. Organizations that are seeking to enhance their online presence or establish the right brand or image may find dated content that fails to attract and hold the interest of readers to be little more than a liability. Creating content solely to increase the number of indexed pages can lead to countless missed opportunities to showcase products, inform clients or build and improve customer relationships.

Greater Numbers of Mobile Users

Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are changing the way today’s consumers do business. While a professional website remains the cornerstone of any successful online marketing effort, mobile-site optimization and content that has been specifically crafted to target mobile users are no longer concerns that businesses can afford to overlook. Mobile-site optimization and other efforts to capitalize on the growing number of mobile users are often essential when adjusting existing SEO strategies or crafting new promotional campaigns.

Digital Assistants are Changing the Way People Search

Digital assistants and other applications that are changing the way users search for information have the potential to be a real game changer when it comes to crafting effective SEO campaigns. Updated keywords and new content formats that can be more easily recognized by digital assistants may be required in order to ensure content-based marketing strategies continue to remain viable and effective. Spoken queries tend to be phrased quite differently than typed queries and 2016 has already seen a shift in the type of long-tail keywords that are able to provide the most effective results.

Assessing the Effectiveness of Existing Content-based Marketing Efforts

Fine-tuning and adjusting an online marketing campaign often requires continuous effort. Identifying the areas of an existing marketing campaign that are most in need of improvement can ensure that businesses are able to address any issues or concerns that may be limiting the overall impact of their marketing efforts. Learning more about the trends, innovations and changes that are affecting the industry today, as well as those that may be just around the corner, is a concern that no business can afford to take lightly.