• Local SEO: What is Schema Markup?

    Written by: Jason Bayless | January 07, 2016

    A search engine result page offers around ten links. Many of these links are simply blue links to sites with a meta description, a full green link, and the blue link. However, some of the results on these pages have pictures, thumbnails of videos, or even stars and ratings. If the search is for a […]

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  • 2016 Local Search Ranking Factors

    Written by: Jason Bayless | January 05, 2016

    The local search market has become a more important part of SEO in 2016, with some important changes altering the way marketers should approach local search. Because SEO is such a large part of driving traffic to a webpage, a solid awareness of how the field is changing is critical to decide how to act […]

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  • Awesome Local SEO Strategies

    Written by: Jason Bayless | January 02, 2016

    Keywords are a major part of SEO strategies for local companies and global enterprises. The first thing that every local business needs is content written with geographic terms that relate to the company. According to Johnathan Long of Huffington Post, chosen keywords need to be incorporated naturally into meta tags, page content, header tags, descriptions, […]

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