2018: 7 Local SEO Trends to Watch

Written by: Jason Bayless | December 14, 2017

2017 is almost coming to an end, and it is that perfect time when we start exploring the local SEO trends of 2018. It is very critical for Digital Marketing agencies and to businesses to stay up to date on the search engine algorithms, trends, and tricks that work. In the local SEO industry, some marketing trends emerged at the beginning of the year and continue to work miracles. In this article, we will highlight the seven local SEO trends that digital marketers should watch out for in the coming year.

1. Deep onsite analysis
From an SEO point of view, the onsite review for any website is very critical. It is currently considered to be a key factor when you want to rank your site on search engines like Yahoo and Google. Deep onsite analysis can include keywords in metadata, internal linking, analytics, webmaster insertion and sitemap. Others are H tags analysis and broken links.

2. Virtual assistance
The way users search for specific keywords is drastically changing due to virtual assistant’s growing popularity. More and more users are expected to be using voice search due to the advancement of the voice recognition technology. Users are projected to use the voice recognition technology on their mobile devices to get more relevant answers quickly. These procedures revolutionize the search market as technology continues to advance. This strategy requires the use of natural language and the focus on long-tail queries as virtual assistant communications needs to be interactive.

3. Meaningful content
Nobody has the time to read non-meaningful and boring content in your website in today’s fast life. Many users would prefer to spend their time on websites that offer short, authentic and exciting articles. It is imperative, therefore, to provide crispy, concise and informative articles on your website for your digital marketing to be effective. The knowledge of your context and delivering the right information at the right place and time will continue to be crucial in the world of practical SEO.

4. Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence otherwise known as AI is a hot thing right now in digital marketing as it has revolutionized the way search results are ranked. The growth of virtual assistant technology and voice search is an ideal basis for the development of AI systems and the promotion of SEO for such current trends. In 2018, the SEO industry is expecting even more developments related to AI.

5. Link building
Linking has no signs of disappearing any time soon. It is a trend that obtaining links will become even more critical to rank in search engines. However, there is no need of earning links that do not add any value to your firm and do not increase its target niche’s credibility. Links from the most popular sites are not necessarily the best links to improve your SEO. It is essential that the links you use belong to the niche in which your company operates. Guest blogging should also be used with caution as Google warned against the use of spam links in such blogs.

6. Machine learning
This strategy will assist you get results that will match your request’s context. This provides an experience with search interaction that is more personalized. Rank brain will remain an essential in 2018 in influencing search results in Google. There are currently industrial disputes on Artificial intelligence optimization but there is no data confirming that this should be done.

7. Fast loading pages on mobile devices
Most consumers hate it when they have to wait for long periods of time for a web page to load and so does Google. There is a new application known as the Accelerated mobile Pages (AMP) which enables mobile devices to load pages four times faster than ordinary pages. AMP also ensure that you use less data while browsing and will cut bounce rate which in turn gives your website a boost in Google rankings.