2018: Local SEO Link Building Strategies

Written by: Jason Bayless | January 02, 2018

SEO can be a broad strategy. But local SEO efforts focus on traffic in your geographic area. This is great for businesses that want people in the area to visit their brick-and-mortar locations. It’s also good for online businesses that want to build a local community of supporters. To improve your local SEO in 2018, try these link-building strategies:

Become a local influencer

One of the best ways to build up your local SEO links is by going old school. Network with your local community and get to know other business owners, residents, and visitors. By becoming a valuable member of the community, other local businesses are more likely to support you. And this leads to locally relevant links. If a neighboring local business or establishment links to your website, your website becomes more relevant locally. Search engines see these local links as high quality endorsements of your trustworthiness. You don’t need the hottest restaurant in town to link to your boutique. In fact, a local mommy blog can do wonders for your local SEO.

Get some good press

Almost every local newspaper and local magazine has a web presence. Get your business noticed by offering your expert opinion on any relevant articles, or see if your local publications would like to do a feature on your business or an upcoming event at your location. This type of media coverage further improves your local SEO, and it doesn’t cost you anything but time.

Mention other local businesses

Use your website or blog to link out to other local businesses that compliment or compete with your offerings. This helps your link building in two ways. First, you’re showing authentic authority by sharing local advice. Second, if you link to other businesses, they are more likely to link back to you in the future. It’s great local SEO citizenship.

Write a local guide

In addition to blogging about other local businesses, consider writing a local guide for visitors or residents that includes your business offerings. If your business is in a tourist destination, you may find that your local guide gets picked up on social media and shared with people globally. This is ultimately great for local SEO because your have made your location the central focus of this content. Just make sure your local guide is authentic, relevant, and up-to-date so that the link juice keeps flowing.

Optimize with advertisements

Advertising with search engines is a great way to build and focus your local SEO traffic. While many people think that ads are just for funneling customers, the fact is many local businesses and bloggers often search for other local services or products to feature. You want to be in the top results so that people can find you and link to your business.

Local SEO link building strategies will continue to be important through 2018. As Google and other search engines develop algorithms that are more sophisticated, the need to produce authentic content and develop authentic relationships is key. Search engines have a goal of delivering the most relevant and helpful results. Trying to trick the search engine may work temporarily, but shortcuts can have a long-term negative impact on your local SEO. Focus on your business goals and producing quality content online. This is the only way to effectively improve your local SEO for years to come. Remember, if you get blacklisted from a search engine your customers won’t be able to find you. So get out there and make real connections. Support your local community, and they’ll support you.