3 Most Profound Local SEO Strategies You Can Adopt For Your Business Today

Written by: Jason Bayless | November 25, 2017

Online marketing is a topical issue for most business owners today. Local SEO strategies are paramount for businesses as customers flock online to look for information about a particular business, product or service. These strategies help to build local businesses, especially startups because customers can easily find information about them. Businesses, therefore, need to come up with strategies to maintain not only an online presence but also high ranking in the event of a search. Below are the top three local SEO strategies any business can adopt.

1) Register on local search engine directories

One good way to ensure visibility and high ranking on search engines is to register on local search engine directories. Search engines contain lists of websites and it’s strategic for businesses to ensure their sites are included in these directories. Search engines like Yahoo Local, Bing Local and Google Places have people adding local websites to them.One of the best directories to use is Google Places as it includes lettered results together with a map. The work of a business owner is to ensure their site appears in the right part of a directory.

2) Ensure a name, address and phone number (NAP) are included in the website

Another important strategy is including an NAP + W code when setting up a website. This is because people search for the name of a company to find out more information about its products and services. If the services are what they are looking for, a customer will go ahead and look for either a phone number to contact the business or an address to know where the business is located. Search engines look for certain location-based keywords in websites like addresses and phone numbers. For example, having a page for each business branch is an effective method to ensure that information that is essential for each location is delivered.

3) Get reviewed

The number of reviews a site has is important as Google uses this to rank websites. Using links and citations in platforms like Yelp, boost local rankings. One way to get reviews is asking for them from past and current clients using a mailing list. Including a ranking and comments section in sites like Amazon for clients to rate your product or service is crucial in getting the best results. It is important to note that search engines crawl through platforms like Yelp in search of particular local keywords which help to push the rankings of a particular website higher.

Accurate and consistent information about your business on all platforms therefore is essential to ensure high ranking on search engine sites. This is an effective method as the product with the best review receives high rankings in the event of a search.

To gain the most favorable online results for any business in the event of a search by a customer, the above three SEO strategies are effective. They allow business to gain both online visibility and high ranking.Other SEO strategies like building offsite links such as blogs should also be adopted.