3 Remarkable Local SEO Tips For Small Business Success

Written by: Jason Bayless | October 26, 2017

A lot of people want to optimize their results in search engine rankings. This is natural in an era that is dominated by the internet. If you do not have a website that everyone can see, you do not have a business that customers can see. Designing your website is important. The following three tips will put you ahead of the competition in your SEO design.

1. Marketing Universals
Marketing universals are things that all people commonly value. Examples of marketing universals include pleasure, relationships, power, food, beauty, protection, survival, sweets, likability, and curiosity. These types of values in your website will attract more people to your site. Marketers understand this and often use it unethically, but there are many ways to use the principle well. Add lots of popular, pleasurable, and safe things to your website, and people will want to come. If your website is full of unpopular, painful, and dangerous things, fewer people will come to your website. When people do search terms, they are usually googling something associated around a marketing universal. Make sure that you look up what they are searching for.

2. Buy Low
It is hard to become a big website if you are not able to afford the fee for web service. Try a free web host like Wix for awhile. You will not get the popularity of having your own full domain name, but it is a good alternative that does not drain revenue. Having any slot on the internet is better than no slot. Buying low requires coming up with cost-saving ideas that will help your business be more profitable than the competition. Most people do not like to buy low. Why? It hurts to drive the old car when you can afford the luxurious import. However, the money that you save by driving the old car lets you invest more in your business. Lowering expenses helps to raise profits.

3. Use Existing Popular Websites
Promote your business on the giant websites that everyone knows about. These include YouTube, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Baidu, and Wikipedia. Having accounts on all of these can let you promote your brand messaging in a free and efficient way. Collecting a group lets you then send them to your startup page. The popular websites are like honey. You use the honey to catch the flies. You then carry the flies on a napkin to your little known small business website for the frogs to enjoy. If you want lots of flies, you need to use lots of honey.

Becoming the next Facebook is something that most of us probably should not aim for. However, making your website large requires piggybacking off of those who have already succeeded. You also have to cut expenses ruthlessly. The summary that wins in SEO and other business matters is buying low and selling high. If you practice this principle, you will become far more effective than your competition.