3 Secrets to Local SEO Success

Written by: Jason Bayless | January 19, 2017
Local search engine optimization (SEO) marketing is one of the most potent promotional tools available to businesses. From new startups seeking to enhance their online visibility to established organizations that are attempting to focus their marketing efforts on new regions or demographics, ensuring that SEO efforts are met with greater success can make quite a difference. These three marketing tips all highlight ways in which businesses can optimize the effectiveness of their online promotional strategy in order to ensure local SEO efforts are able to produce superior results.

One: Managing Business Listings

While business listings play an important role in determining search engine rankings, many businesses overlook this aspect of SEO. There are numerous online directories, all of which list business information that ranges from the very basic to the highly specific. These directories can greatly influence search engine returns and businesses would be wise to address any of the following issues which may be impeding the effectiveness of their SEO efforts:

  • Failing to list a business on one or more major directories
  • Limiting the number of directories that host business listings and information
  • Inaccurate or conflicting data regarding a businesses name, address, phone number or e-mail

It is not uncommon for businesses to overlook the role that directories play in SEO promotional techniques partly because such listings are less useful when it comes to hosting sales content or marketing information that can attract potential customers. While business listings are often less flashy than blogs, newsletters and social-media content, they can often prove to be just as important when it comes to achieving the greater visibility and enhanced online presence that only a higher standing in key search returns may be able to offer.

Two: Selecting the Right Social Media Channels

Sharing content through social media channels can have many potential benefits. Social media outlets offer businesses with a simple and effective way to interact with their customers. Quality marketing content can also produce a ripple effect when customers and clients begin to share posts of their own volition. This ripple effect can allow businesses to reach a much larger audience than they might have expected. While social media marketing tactics have much to offer, not every social media site or service may be an ideal fit for every post or article. Selecting the social media channels whose users make up a certain market demographic can help to enhance the overall effectiveness of local SEO strategies.

Three: Quality Blog Content

Another way to improve the effectiveness of SEO strategies is to ensure that all content utilized is of the highest quality content possible. In the past, simply posting articles and hosting content that utilized a high enough keyword density was all that was needed in order to ensure SEO efforts were able to produce results. While new search algorithms favor quality content, marketing strategies that utilize outdated techniques may also miss out on opportunities to inform potential customers and prospective clients. Hosting content that is of poor quality could prove to be a more costly liability than many businesses might realize.

There are certain features and characteristics that all hosted content needs to showcase in order to be of benefit to SEO efforts. Blog postings and other contents should be:

  • Topical, well-written and able to provide readers with useful information
  • As accurate as possible
  • Up to date

Creating, posting and maintaining content that contains outdated information, blog postings that are less than accurate and articles that fail to successful inform and engage readers can often be counterproductive. Even seemingly minor accuracy issues and content that is only slightly behind the times may cast a business in a less than professional light. Seeking out the best content and conducting periodic assessments and reviews in order to ensure SEO techniques are being utilized in an efficient and effective manner can be quite helpful.