4 Best Local Link Building Tactics

Written by: Jason Bayless | November 03, 2015

Regardless of your business model, link building is still one of the best ways to expand your network of prospective customers. Whether you are a local single store location, you have multiple stores in a certain region or you operate a local plus an online store, link-building can send new prospects to you and keep customers coming back.

Use these four proven local link building tactics to increase your referrals, bring in new prospects and generate more repeat business from already-loyal customers.

Tip #1: Build up your local community’s highlights.
This tip puts you in a position of advocating for all the great sights, sounds and folks who live right in your own community. If you do this well, it won’t be long before others will be re-posting your content on their own social media platforms and blogs and linking back to your website as the source.

Here are some great ways to generate inbound links back to your business:

– Re-post locally viral content that relates to your industry.
– Host discount or freebie days for certain customer groups (seniors, kids, moms).
– Get involved with a local well-known charity or institution and blog about it.
– Post lists of local highlights, like “what to do if you have 30 minutes in the city.”
– Snap photos of your local events and post them.

Tip #2: Feature local business owners and celebrities in your blog.
Getting interviews or simply doing favorable features of local business owners and local celebrities for your blog is a great way to generate more inbound links back to your website…and to your local business.

Since everyone these days is looking for more mentions to build their image and business as well, you will definitely get link-backs with this strategy. Just make sure you have your social media platforms as well as your blog set up to go before you launch this strategy so you can capture re-posts, re-tweets and shout-outs from other supportive locals and those you feature.

Tip #3: Build your business listing in local community websites, local travel guides and through your local city Visitor’s Center.
This works especially well if you live in a touristy area, but even if you only capture highway or commuter traffic, listing your business with local tour and travel guides can help customers find what they need right where they are.

You can also visit your city’s local Visitor’s Center with a stack of your brochures and business cards – these Centers are nearly always thrilled to have more content to share with visitors who stop by, and what is less known is that local bloggers and copywriters often also mine these resources for their online content, which can generate links back to your business website.

Be sure to get your business listed on any local public or private community websites as well. This is a great way to get more positive customer reviews of your company and word-of-mouth referrals.

Tip #4: Participate in local deals sites.
Whether it is a site like Groupon or Living Social or something unique to your area, participating in local deals sites is a proven way to generate a lot of inbound traffic back to your website very quickly.

One caveat here, however, is that you need to be sure your staff and your inventory is ready for the kind of publicity you will get.

By using these four proven link-building strategies to increase visibility for your local business, you can increase inbound links, generate more web traffic and inquiries and turn prospects into loyal customers.