4 Fundamentals for Better Local SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | February 07, 2017

If you’re a local business, you probably rely on customers coming in a brick and mortar shop more than you do on online sales. This means that if you want to have a successful company, you need to attract customers in your area that are ready to make a purchase – not customers on the other side of the country researching similar services.

In order to target individuals in a specific area, you need to use a local SEO strategy. Unlike a standard SEO approach, local SEO focuses your digital marketing efforts to appear only within a specific area. For brick and mortar businesses, this means you’ll have better returns on the customers who see your content.

But what makes a local SEO strategy different? What strategies must you implement if you want to create a more targeted digital marketing approach? We can help get you started with these four fundamentals of a strong local SEO strategy.

1. Be mobile friendly.

With smartphones and tablets becoming the standard for searches and online use, your website should already be fully responsive. Because a mobile friendly website makes it easy for searchers to view your website regardless of the size of their screen, a fully responsive design can make it easy for potential customers to view your page.

But local businesses need a mobile friendly site for other reasons, too. Many people conduct “near me” searches when they are already out and about – meaning they probably aren’t going to log into a computer to search for your services. Instead, they’ll hop on their phones to see what is around. If you don’t have a mobile friendly search, you may be missing these customers.

2. Have positive online reviews.

Local businesses rely on customer interactions and experiences to bring in new business. For small businesses that serve a local community, the pressure to be accommodating, friendly, and helpful is high. With online review sites, those experiences can be shared with anyone interested in learning more.

In order to attract new customers to your business, strive to receive positive online reviews from happy customers. Through sharing their experiences online, customers considering your business will know that you care about your customers.

3. Get local listings.

Small businesses are a part of a community. In order to get the support of your community, you need to connect yourself with the area that you serve. This can include having your company listed locally in directories, the Chamber of Commerce, or other platforms in your area.

Reach out to the individuals that control these listings and ask to have your name included. Not only will this improve your backlink strategy to boost your SEO, but you can also attract new customers browsing these listing sites for services or products.

4. Ensure NAP information is consistent.

For a local business, your phone number and address can be some of the most important bits of information for customers. If it is not clear, is difficult to find, or is not consistent, your customers may become confused on where you are located or how they can contact you – drastically hurting your SEO strategy.

To keep customers and search engines content, ensure all your NAP information is consistent. Your NAP information includes your name, address, and phone number. For most businesses, these details are easy to provide, but if you have recently moved or changed phone numbers, be sure that each listing is updated to reflect those changes.

If you’re a local business looking to target a specific area that you can serve, don’t waste your time with a standard SEO strategy. Because you need to appeal to customers who can walk in your door, focus on the local SEO strategies that can ensure your content falls in front of the right set of eyes. With these four fundamentals of better local SEO, you can attract more customers.