4 Reasons You Need Local SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | August 16, 2016
Any marketer knows that SEO is the way to getting noticed online through search engines. When a strong SEO strategy is in place, the business will appear among the first few results, gaining more attention and getting more clicks and conversions for the company. But while it may be easy to understand an SEO strategy, not many companies go a step further to understand the importance of a local SEO strategy.
If you have a local business or operate only in specific areas, you should be using a local SEO strategy. Here are four reasons you can’t ignore local SEO:

1. Appeals to Mobile Users
A local SEO strategy considers that many local SEO searches are done on a mobile device. Most local searches include a “near me” style search, meaning the individual will look for a particular service in a specific area. In many cases, these “near me” searches are completed while individuals are already out of their homes, maybe looking for a place to eat or exploring an area they’re not completely familiar with.

When your potential customers don’t already have a favorite place to go, appealing to the mobile users can be very beneficial for a quick turn around in customers. Using mobile-friendly practices, including a fully responsive web design, can help you bring in more customers.

2. Connects You as an Expert in Your Area
When someone in your area is looking for a service you provide, they’re going to want to ensure you are capable of meeting their needs. There is nothing worse than thinking they have found a service match, only to discover they aren’t close enough to actually receive the services.

With a local SEO strategy, you’re making a clear connection between your area and the service you provide. By appealing to a specific community, a local SEO strategy can show you are reliable and an expert in providing your service to your area. As you continue to make the connection between your company and your city, you will be viewed as part of the community as well as a leader in your industry.

3. Creates an Abundance of Positive Reviews
Local SEO relies heavily on reviews, including reviews on pages such as Yelp, Google My Business, and Facebook. If you want to appear high in the rankings of a local search, you’ll want to ensure that your company has a lot of great reviews.

Having positive reviews is beneficial for a number of reasons. In addition to improving your SEO, you’ll also have more credibility and bring in more customers. Keeping the reviews positive will also push you and your team to keep up the good work.

4. High Return on Investment
Many local searches are completed when someone is looking to make a purchase soon. Whether they’re looking for a restaurant to eat at or a product to buy, local searches are commonly done when an individual is ready to move forward. So while a local SEO strategy will take time to complete, it can also bring in a number of new customers.

If you focus on your local SEO, you’ll see more purchases and experience more conversions.

Local SEO is not something you should ignore, especially if you are operating a small business that only serves a particular area. With a strong connection between the service you provide and the area you serve, you can expect to see more website visits and more customers in-store, greatly contributing to the overall success of your business.