5 Best Local SEO Tools

Written by: Jason Bayless | December 22, 2016
Knowing how to apply the fundamentals of Local SEO will go a long way, but you can take things even further with specialized tools for the job. In addition to the basic techniques for localizing your content, Local SEO solutions can give you the power to do things far beyond what’s possible through manual effort alone.

Though not all of these tools can have the full extent of their powers used for free, the potential gains that they can bring will more make up for the initial investment if used successfully. For their intuitiveness, adaptability, and proven power to help get results, the following are five of the best Local SEO tools out there.


Sometimes it can helpful just to have a straight answer on exactly how you’re doing. With UpCity, you can have a personalized SEO report card generated for your business on the spot. All that you have to do is enter your most-desired search term to be found with, along with your location, and you’ll get a “grade” showing exactly how you rank for that term in your location.


Chances are that if you’ve been diligent about boosting your Local SEO power, you’ve made a point to get your business listed in one or two directories. In some cases, if you’ve been noticed by enough people, you may not be the only one who’s taken the initiative to give your business a directory page.

Because many business directories have information that isn’t completely accurate, you’ll want to make sure you’re not being misrepresented. With LocalVox, you can find all of the online directories that you’ve got an entry in, letting you know exactly where corrections need to be made.


All SEO-focused professionals know that it is vital to understand exactly how people are finding out about your content; this includes the exact search engine terms that are leading them to your front door.

With the power of GeoRanker, you’ll be able to see exactly what people in specific locations are typing into Google to find your website. Even if you’ve got more than one location, GeoRanker’s range stretches out to thousands of cities.


Just managing to get on the radar of your local market is an accomplishment in and of itself, but naturally, there’s more to it than that. If you want your Local SEO campaign to be a success, you don’t just need to get local attention, but retain local attention; this is an ongoing effort, which can take more energy than some people anticipate.

Whitespark was designed to make keeping the attention you get just a bit easier. After you’ve built up a bit of momentum on the local front, Whitespark will show you all of the places that your website or brand has been cited online. You’ll be able to keep a constant eye on just where you’re being talked about, which will be useful for managing your reputation in a more organized fashion.


Depending on your specific location and what you offer, there could be hundreds of different locally-targeted keywords that are uniquely perfect for finding your business. With 5minutesite.com, you can instantly generate a list of appropriate keywords to use for local targeting, potentially saving you a bit of extra time and creative energy.


No matter what your business may be or where you are, generating organic Local SEO power from the ground-up is going to take a fair bit of time. With these tools in your corner, however, you can potentially make the Local SEO journey just a little bit shorter and easier.