5 Best Tools to Help Local Content Marketing

Written by: Jason Bayless | September 10, 2015

Content marketing is a very powerful marketing technique that will help you reach a vast online audience in order to boost your business. Today, over 3 billion searches occur each and every day online. In fact, a whopping 3.2 million individuals are constantly surfing the Web, nearly 1 million more since last year.

Therefore, in order to enhance your content marketing campaign, you need the right tools that will enable you to effectively schedule content as well as be more accurate and smarter about the power of the content that you’re promoting. Here are five great tools that will help you improve your overall content marketing strategy.

1. Wordstream

Although you want to ensure that you’re developing good content and staying focused on organic search results, conventional pay-per-clicks still play an essential role in the larger scheme of things. By focusing on a unique combination of organic search results and PPC, your website can be significantly more successful. But, it can be somewhat difficult for both large and small companies to figure out which PPC ads can benefit them the most, but this is exactly where Wordstream can help.

2. SEMRush

SEMRush is an excellent program for conducting keyword research as well as finding keywords that will help promote your business. You can do a number of things from your dashboard including research your organic traffic, view your backlink traffic, perform a complete website audit, and research the positions of all your keywords with comprehensive ranking details.

SEMRush is fairly straightforward to use and can easily help you determine which keywords will best suit your business and web pages. The program itself is extremely helpful to collect a great deal of SEO information regarding your web pages as well as your target audience. Another great benefit about SEMRush is that it offers several tutorials that help you learn how to actually use the program, which offers you the best chance for implementing a highly-successful content marketing campaign.

3. HubSpot

The HubSpot tool enables you to work on a very efficient inbound marketing technique in order to help boost your content marketing in general. You can easily use the software to determine the effectiveness of your blogging efforts as well as view your analytics. HubSpot also provides great case studies that will show you how to improve your general content marketing approach as well as show you exactly what’s going on regarding the content marketing industry in general so you can further enhance your strategies.

4. Buffer

Buffer is an excellent scheduling and social media sharing tool that enables you to extend your content to a much larger audience. Because Buffer currently has more than one million users, chances are you may already be using it. The program allows you to schedule your posts for specific times or add select in order to publish it now or at a later time. It’s your job to create interesting social media posts and then simply load them into the queue, select when you want to submit them, and you’re finished.

5. WordTracker

Another amazing keyword tool that will allow you to find ideal keywords to incorporate into your content is WordTracker. The program will allow you to determine the strength of a keyword and how much traction it will gain throughout the month as well as analyze it. Although SEMRush can help you successfully find a wide range of keywords overall, WordTracker provides you the opportunity to find certain ones that will potentially be extremely powerful regarding your marketing efforts. Start your research by simply typing in a number of different keywords that you’re seeking, and you’re ready to go.

All of these content marketing tools are excellent and can help you boost your efforts in a relatively short amount of time. Use as many as you like in order to see a substantial difference regarding the overall bottom line of your business. Any one of these effective tools can help you develop a successful strategy that will ultimately push you ahead of your competition and also create an outstanding online presence.