5 Easy Technical Local Seo Audit Items

Written by: Jason Bayless | March 13, 2018

It is useful to read the SEO definitions to understand what some SEO experts are talking about. Through this article, we will try to open the doors of digital marketing and enter the heart of SEO to understand its operation, the purpose of SEO and the critical points of an SEO strategy. Therefore, here are five technical local SEO audit items.

1. Optimize a Content Marketing Strategy for SEO

If readers are the preferred target of content published on the web, it would be an error would to neglect Google. To provide an example, we know that the organic channel represents a majority of the traffic of a website, far ahead of the social networks that do not produce much traffic. Therefore, an essential step for a site is to optimize its content marketing strategy for SEO and thereby succeed with its content strategy.

That’s why you should target new channels, and get people clicking to find your site. SEO skills will allow you to start faster and constitute the first source of sales, and one that is not negligible. Therefore, SEO is essential. Associate content marketing to SEO for an optimal ROI. Content Marketing + SEO = a recipe for content that performs.

2. Run a Comparison of Your Traffic With Your Keywords

What SEO strategy should you adapt to target searches by keywords? To provide an example, you should run a comparison of your traffic with your keywords. In this case, it will be the most pertinent result which wins thanks to its keywords. We must also think about the usual spelling mistakes that many users make on the web.

3. Integrate Your Keywords Into Your Titles

Integrating your keywords into your titles will allow you to get a better positioning of your page. The tree structure of your website corresponds to the structure of the pages and their relations. Optimizing the structure and content of your site is essential. Also, it is more than ever necessary to provide your content in the most visible way possible. Unfortunately, in many cases, poorly done SEO may quickly peter out, and your article will then not generate enough visits.

4. Optimize Image and Video Files

Image and video files are usually the source of SEO problems. Which site is the most used by netizens to do their daily research, and how can this have an impact on your SEO strategy? Frankly and unambiguously, the universal site, namely Google, accounts for nearly 90 percent of total traffic, which makes it without a doubt the main entry point for most users of a search engine. Remember, be careful not to have URLs that are too long.

5. Publish Less but Better Content

Content marketing actions are expensive in time and money. How does this impact your SEO strategy, if you have one? Less is more: publish less but better content.

The importance of this level is such that some web agencies offer inbound marketing strategies individually based on the quality of the content. Having this information in mind is like having a sonar that tells you where the fish are before embarking on the adventure of SEO. SEO is, unfortunately, still often poorly understood in relation to digital marketing strategies.

Most advertisers and professionals are focused on tactical levers and immediate and visible results, especially since SEO is work that requires a lot of patience and humility before the complexity of the machine. To provide an example, as one of the principal criteria of an SEO strategy, the loading time of the pages makes it possible not only to keep your visitors on your site but also to boost your positioning in the engines.

The priority is to fill your gaps in SEO and to find a good SEO manager. Remember, in this jungle; some SEO shops do a better job than others.