5 Essential Local SEO Tips For Photographers

Written by: Jason Bayless | August 31, 2017

“Photographers can enjoy a more booming business, especially by following local SEO tips. There are aspects of SEO used in photography businesses that will be the same as other local optimization practices. However, there are important differences in SEO that photographers will want to focus on. Here are five essential local SEO tips for photographers.

1. Build a Portfolio – One thing that every photographer should do is build a portfolio. Once you have a portfolio, it is recommended you start putting pictures online. It is important to ensure that clients know their pictures might end up on your website. You can obtain clients permission to use these photos during or after a photo session. No matter what, including your work is a must for potential clients to see. In addition, having a portfolio makes your website stand out from the competition. You’ll always want to ensure that your digital portfolio is growing.

2. Create Social Properties for Your Business – A great website can help you rank well in local SEO searches. However, search engines have placed increased importance on creating and maintaining social properties. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all examples of social websites. Creating a page for your photography business on these websites can help grow your social presence. In addition to receiving more followers, you could very well notice better website rankings. Social media has certainly taken on more importance in local SEO in recent years.

3. Use Recent Shoots on Social Media – Every photographer should be uploading relevant work on their social properties. Having your work proudly on display can be great to catch the eye of potential customers. There is no better place to display your great photos than on social media. Regularly posting to your social properties ensures you are growing your followers. Having more followers means your photography business shows up for more local searches. An increase in search engine rankings means more potential customers.

4. Offer Specials Everywhere Possible – A large amount of followers and website traffic are great to improve a websites standing. Many companies offer small giveaways to get their online presence growing. Having visitors like and share a post to enter into a giveaway is a popular idea. The amount of buzz that your photography business receives from giveaways can be huge. For instance, offering a free photography session for every like and share could really improve your social media standing. However, you may come up with another contest idea of your own.

5. Ensure Your Website is Properly Optimized – If you’ve covered the previous tips, there is one more of importance. Having many social media followers and photos everywhere is great. However, you will want to ensure that your website is properly optimized. A website that uses good SEO practices is far more likely to outrank the competition. A website that is poorly optimized can be difficult to rank in search engines. You don’t want to wait forever for your website to rank because it isn’t optimized.

In closing, there are many beneficial local SEO tips for photographers. Having a portfolio of pictures to view online is essential for any photographer. You will also want to have your business on popular social websites including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Uploading photo shoots on social media is a great way to have another audience, in addition to your website traffic. Including specials on popular website pages and on social media can help grow a business. Finally, having a website that has both on and off page SEO taken care off will rank better than websites that do not.”