5 Local Link Building Tips

Written by: Jason Bayless | June 25, 2015

Link building is a foundational part of the process for any small company’s success. This step is vital for any business that wants to bulk up their list of essential contacts for future transactions. Most of the original approaches to building links emphasize global approaches and universal outcomes. Today, these tactics have become less relevant as local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is taking over. As a result, it is important for brands to switch their link building strategies to focus on geographical demographics. Fortunately, this guide presents 5 invaluable methods for local link building.

1. Employ Local Travel Guides

One of the easiest ways to garner regional associations is by attaching your brand’s name to travel guides and destination overviews. Basically, your company can benefit by being connected to any online service that utilizes a map. A business can easily highlight its own location while simultaneously demonstrating authoritative expertise. People will feel friendly towards an organization that helped them get acquainted with a new area, and they may subsequently partake in their offerings. Residential venues grant an easy place to pack in the keywords, and every trivial detail can be covered in the written content.

2. Monitor Regional Trends

Fads don’t act the same in every city and town; in fact, there is a lot of variation in what can be considered mainstream from place to place. To be successful in a certain region, it is important to understand what interests the locals. By keeping your finger on the pulse of nearby culture, it becomes possible to tailor content for precise demographics. Every community has unique needs, and the best companies are able to identify these individual inklings. Quick solutions are enshrined by an understanding of each region, and being hip will invite a lot more subscribers in the long run. As such, paying attention to a place’s patterns can provide automatic link building over time!

3. Use Giveaways & Contests

If you need to acquire a list of subscribers right away, a sweepstakes might be the best option you have available. The allure of a single prize can persuade countless people into providing personal information for the sake of a drawing. Their data can be used to pad a lack of more reliable links. A company can gain thousands of followers in no time, and all it takes is an attractive giveaway. Again, make sure to tailor the prize towards your region of preference.

4. Deliver Original Media

Almost everything on the Web is re-posted from somewhere else, so brands that publish original content eventually win big. Photography is a great way to boost public awareness, especially with the advent of hash-tags. Viral videos can also generate tons of attention for a company. By being one of a kind, any company can rise up the ladder rapidly. The most important characteristic for a business to flaunt is authenticity. If your organization possesses this trait, then keep up the good work! The world is bound to notice sooner or later.

5. Take Advantage of Networking

To be honest, no one becomes a sensational hit without a little help from personal acquaintances. If you really want to master the art of link building, then it is time to befriend brands that are bigger than your own. Connections are the key to victory online, and the easiest way to accumulate fans is through the shares of others. Mainstream associations can go a long way in establishing a newcomer to the industry. One formal endorsement from a corporate name is all it takes for a small brand to trump its local competition.

Final Note

Local link building practices can fundamentally revamp any online business model, so use the tips above to permanently enhance your virtual marketing. With a little time, these techniques can turn any start-up into a member of the Fortune Top 100.