6 business types that reap the most reward from local SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | August 19, 2017

The majority of the traffic generated in local search engines today, over 80%, is directed at finding products and services online. This presents a basketful of opportunities for businesses to use local SEO to their advantage. Customers now rely on the Internet as their main directory when searching for local businesses near them. If you’re a small business this means you can easily scale-up your business by putting in some concerted effort to make your brand rank higher in search engine results.

It’s true that Local SEO is effective in almost all industries. However, the current global business trends indicate that certain industries should embrace local SEO as a must-have in their marketing campaign. Here are out top 6 picks:

1. Restaurants and Cafes
Such businesses thrive on local map listings and customer reviews. If you own such a business we’d recommend getting yourself registered with Google. An ideal local SEO strategy involves asking trusted patrons to leave reviews, maintaining a good star rating, and giving personalized responses to customer queries and complaints. When internet users log in to search for local eating deals, the frequency and quality of your reviews will determine where you rank on search results.

2. Medical Practices
Medical practitioners usually provide localized services that people search for in their area. With healthcare being a global concern, their services are growing in demand every day. Getting many good reviews and recommendations for such practices, therefore, becomes a walk in the park. If you just moved to a new town or your family doctor took an early retirement, Google will probably be your default go-to resource to help kick start your search. Simply put, local SEO puts a technologically savvy medical practice ahead of the competition.

3. Skilled Tradesmen
Skilled workers like plumbers, locksmiths and technicians tend to carry out the bulk of their work within a dedicated local area making them perfect for local SEO. Another major plus is that people seeking these services are in urgent need of help. For example, you only call a plumber when something in the house is leaking. Every second many frantic searches by people in desperate need are performed on search engines online. Getting to the top of these results is easy if you maintain a good rating on popular review sites.

4. Repair Shops
Local SEO can boost your shop’s ranking on Google and increase business earnings as well. Repair shops have a unique twist when it comes to content creation. You’re likely to attract and retain more customers if you focus on ‘How To’ tutorials on a dedicated YouTube channel. People trust what they can see. So, it’s a good way to showcase your repair skills and get them to visit your physical location.

5. Real Estate
The current boom in real estate has seen a lot of online traffic coming from people in the market for a new home, apartment, or beach-front property. Local SEO strategies in real estate are targeted at both the agents and the parent real estate companies. Businesses in this sector can optimize content that is specific to a particular city or town by using zip codes. We’ve also seen an upsurge in optimized ads being used by potential clients to find specific home designs.

6. Pet Services
Pet owners often use search engines to find pet services. This is a broad industry that covers dog walking, pet sitting, pet supply stores, and others. If your business is in this niche, target specific key words in your local area and optimize your content accordingly. Your website should also be as appealing and user-friendly as possible.

The long and short of it is that local SEO relies on local appeal and relevance, a narrow target audience, and specific keywords. By harnessing the power of local reviews and publications, any business can now spend less money to achieve more visibility online.