6 Local SEO Tips for Google Yahoo and Bing

Written by: Jason Bayless | May 11, 2017

Increased use of the smart phones and better connectivity has contributed to the significant growth in the use of the local SEOs. Most users now use the internet to locate the services and products around them unlike some years back when people relied on offline searches. Due to the increased use of the internet by most buyers, the business owners have turned to local search engine optimization that helps them appear among the top searches on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Below are some of the tips that businesses can use in local SEO.

1) Content Optimization and Keyword Mapping

Creating a reasonable amount of locally focused high-quality content earns a business a high ranking in most of the online search engines. Locally focused content involves any content that revolves around your residential area. Searching for the right keywords to use that are in line with the products and services of the business helps to improve local SEO ranking.

2) Improvement and Maintenance of your Site

Maintaining an accurate and consistent business name, physical address, and the business phone number (NAP) helps with the validation of your location and contact information. Additionally, including all data such as maps, hours of operations and pictures of your business goes a long way in improving the search engine rankings.

3) Claim your listings

Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the common listings that we have, and they should be your top priority. There are other listings including Yelp, Foursquare, YP.com, and Whitepages. Submit uniform data on all the listings to improve your local search visibility.

4) Encourage Reviews from Other Customers

Positive customer reviews increase the internet visibility of a brand and confirm the credibility of business. Encourage a satisfied client to leave an honest review on the local directories after a successful purchase. A positive rating on the sites that allow visitors to sort out the businesses according to ratings can dramatically improve your business ranking in the search engines.

5) Make your Website Mobile Friendly

Almost everyone in the country is using a Smartphone to check out about business in his or her location. Most buyers use the mobile phones to compare different brands. Your website should have elements that allow it to respond appropriately depending on the phone that the user has. Search engines include the mobile responsive sites on their results for anyone using a mobile phone to research.

6) Invest in Links from the Local Press and Other Sites

Some of the ways to acquire links include participation in charity events and donations, taking part in interviews and columns with the relevant publications. Coverage by the local press may boost your internet presence by far too. Mentions by other related sites that are in line with your business tend to improve your online presence.

It is, therefore, evident that local search engine optimization is the secret behind maintaining the presence on the internet. The ranking goes higher on Google, Yahoo, and Bing leading to increased traffic to the business sites and an increment on the company’s sales. Most of this tips do not require extra income to achieve hence ideal for both small-scale businesses and large entities.