6 Major Benefits of Local SEOHow to Test Local SEO Strategies

Written by: Jason Bayless | March 10, 2018

Local SEO is one of the most important requirements of running a successful business today, especially if you are working in a highly-competitive industry. Local SEO helps to improve your rankings within locally-based results from top companies such as Google, Foursquare, Yelp, and even Yellow Pages.

Reach Customers on All Devices

Local SEO helps to reach customers whether they are using a tablet, computer, or smartphone device. When your website is optimized for local results, appeal to shoppers on the go or in any location with any platform of their choice. While during the dawn of the internet, desktop computers were preferred, tablets and mobile devices are becoming increasingly more popular than using traditional methods to browse online.

Increase Your Site’s Traffic

Once your website is optimized for local providers, you are likely to receive a drastic spike in the traffic you receive. The higher up your local business or brand becomes in local search results, the more potential customers you will receive. Keep track of visitor data using tools such as Google Analytics to gain insight into where most of your users are coming from to determine how to better improve your local SEO on all platforms. The more data you are able to analyze, the easier it is to implement changes, updates, and tweaks to blogs and new content to help boost your ranking in search results.

Relevant Visitors

Local SEO is a great way to attract more relevant visitors who have a genuine interest in your website or the products and services you have to offer. With a fully-optimized website, hone in on the target audience and demographic you want to reach your site. More visitors with an intent to buy are likely to visit when your website is optimized for SEO and you are selling merchandise or providing services. Having your target audience visit your website is also an ideal solution to help with gaining additional social media followers.

It’s Entirely Free to Put Local SEO to Use

Becoming familiar with SEO and implementing it into your own website is entirely free of charge. Learning the basics of meta tags, keywords, headers, and proper formatting, putting SEO to use in all of your page, blog, and description updates ultimately help to boost traffic and rankings without hiring a professional.

Generate New Potential Leads

As your website’s ranking and visibility continue to grow, generate new potential leads of loyal followers or individuals who may become customers. Building trust and credibility are possible with the use of local SEO. Anytime you want to sell products, share content, or promote services, trust and credibility are necessities, especially with individuals who are unfamiliar with your business and brand. Users are much more inclined to put their trust in results that appear first with the results of the search queries they enter.

Perks of Positive Reviews

Local SEO offers you to put all of your positive reviews to use for optimization purposes. The more positive reviews your website currently touts, the higher up your website will appear within local search results. Getting users and past customers to leave positive reviews is an ideal way to optimizing your website for local SEO while gaining credibility and boosting your professional reputation online.

Using local SEO to your advantage is ideal even if you are already running a business with a successful model in place. With the rise of mobile users shopping and browsing with retailers online, putting local SEO to use is essential for continued growth. With the right SEO techniques, updates, and positive reviews increase local visibility online to attract new potential followers or customers.