6 Tips on Selecting the Best Local Search Agency

Written by: Jason Bayless | September 23, 2014

As Jonathan Long notes in his important piece “5 Tips to Improve Your Local Search Presence,” “Local businesses are turning to local SEO in order to drive visitors to their physical locations as well as driving online sales.” In recognizing that the implementation of local SEO can help a business build a strong internet presence and thereby boost conversion rates, it’s important to note that attaining assistance from an excellent, efficient local search agency can improve your results exponentially. If you’re interested in hiring a professional company to assist you with or lead a local search marketing campaign, here are six tips to consider before hiring an agency:

1. Consider Yourself First.

Although businesses have a tendency to begin their hunt for the perfect local search agency by conducting thorough research on several companies, it is more advantageous to consider yourself first. What is your business’s purpose? How much money are you willing to invest in finding and paying a local search agency? How hands-on do you want your business professionals to be in the process of designing and integrating the local SEO campaign strategies? These are the types of questions you should be able to answer prior to starting your search. Knowing the answers to these questions will help you quickly weed through local SEO companies who will not be efficacious in enabling you to accomplish your professional goals.

2. Check Qualifications/Credentials.

When you begin the process of selecting the best local search agency, be sure to learn about the qualifications and credentials that companies have prior to making your final decision. What, for example, is the level of education and experience amongst the SEO company’s staff? Has the company won any awards for operating in excellence and/or integrity? Oftentimes, attaining this type of information can provide you with an understanding of whether the company will be able to serve you with expedience and efficacy.

3. Request Stats.

Your approach to the world of local SEO campaigns should be results-driven, and you should hire a local search agency that has adopted this mentality as well. With that idea in mind, it’s important that you select a local search agency that has a proven track record of getting tangible results for its clients-namely, things like page one rankings in the search engines. To attain this type of information so that you can hire a company whose likelihood of generating results is high, ask local SEO businesses for statistics in terms of things like ROI and page ranking. Also pay careful attention to companies like BrightLand that take the time to consistently conduct research and do polls regarding trends and behavior that pertain to the world of local search. Oftentimes, these types of companies possess the type of detail-oriented, research based methods that will help you garner the success you want.

4. Request A Consultation/Estimate.

This strategy is efficacious for many reasons. First, it gives you an opportunity to get a “feel” for the local search agency. By learning about things such as a company’s vision statement and culture, you’ll be able to determine whether they’re a good fit for your own business. Additionally, getting the estimate will enable you to know whether the local search agency’s monetary requests are comparable to your own budget.

5. Ask Around.

It’s always good to get a plethora of opinions regarding a local search agency before making your final decision. By broadening your perspective, you can gain a greater understanding of exactly how a local search agency operates and whether their culture and values are conducive to your own.

6. Compare and Contrast Services/Prices.

There’s no “one size fits all” reality when it comes to selecting the best local search agency. Rather, each agency will have distinct services and price offerings that you will need to compare and contrast in order to determine which company is most in keeping with your budget, objectives, and preferences. In recognizing this reality, be sure that you take the time to compare and contrast the services and prices of several local SEO companies before you make your final decision. One great resource you should consider utilizing is LocalSEOCompanies.com. By accessing our site, you can gain information on several different local SEO companies and subsequently juxtapose their offerings to make the most cost-effective decision.


If you’re serious about building brand awareness in the online world to optimize your profits, you should know that attaining professional assistance can help you accomplish your objective. Since this is the case, be sure to implement the aforementioned six strategies when you begin the process of selecting the best local search agency. Good luck!