6 Tips To Ensure Your Local SEO Campaign

Written by: Jason Bayless | July 02, 2016

For a small business operating on a local level, appearing in the top of a local SEO search could make the difference between a business succeeding and business failing. If you’re still struggling to find your name among the top of your local search results, consider these six tips that can help you find your way to the top.

1. Use a Mobile Friendly Site

The importance of being mobile friendly in 2016 is crucial. If your site cannot be easily viewed on a variety of screen sizes, your potential customers are likely to leave your page on the hunt for something easier to read. Whether or not your website is mobile friendly is actually a crucial component of Google’s ranking algorithm.

When designing your website, be sure to find a layout that is completely mobile responsive. Additionally, you’ll want to remove any components of your website that might make it hard for visitors to view your page, such as Flash videos or pop-ups. Keeping a clean and simple mobile page can be great for getting new business.

2. Provide a Great Service and Get Great Reviews

When Google is deciding which pages to put at the top of its list of results, it will consider the experience that previous customers have had. If people are frequently getting poor service or are otherwise unhappy with the experience you provide, Google will push your name further and further down the list.

Review pages, like Google, Facebook, and Yelp, have restrictions on how your reviews can be secured, meaning you can’t pay your customers to give you a great review. But if you provide an experience worth talking about and ask your customers and clients to give you a review in their spare time, you can quickly see your name rise in the list of results.

3. Be Voice Search Friendly

Voice search is becoming more and more popular. As people begin to take advantage of the hands-free benefits of their smart phones, companies need to ensure their name will appear in the list of a voice search.

The biggest change that comes with being available for voice searches is using keywords that may be spoken. When typing a device, it is more likely that an individual will use short, choppy sentences to search for what they’re looking for. But in voice search, it may appear as fuller sentences.

4. Use Schema Markup

Your Schema Markup will appear under your Google search results and display the basic information a person may be looking for when considering using your service. This information includes your ranking out of five stars, your location, and your price range.

This can give customers a better idea if you offer what they are looking for and keep your bounce rate low. If people can easily see you don’t provide what they need, they can move on without clicking your site.

5. Use Updated NAP Information

Your NAP information, or your name, address, and phone number, might be the most important part of your local SEO strategy. Without this information, you can’t expect new customers to find you or purchase from you.

Be sure this information is consistently displayed throughout your various websites. Also double check that it appears in the same structure and with the same abbreviations on each page.

6. Use Social Media

Your social media pages are extremely important to your SEO strategy. Post frequently on your pages and be sure to include the area that you serve. As social posts have become popular in search engine results, they can be an easy way to boost your name to the front of results.

Follow these six tips to ensure a more successful local SEO campaign!