7 Great Local SEO Blogs to Keep You Informed

Written by: Jason Bayless | September 16, 2014

Nowadays, being invisible on the web is unacceptable for businesses and entrepreneurs at any level. As a result, SEO know-how has become increasingly important in the current e-commerce climate. Attaining the top spots on Google for your desired queries requires advanced SEO skills. Consequently, it helps to follow a range of SEO blogs to stay informed. Below you’ll find a quick sampling of the best SEO blogs that you should be aware of.
Search Engine Journal
One of the most authoritative voices in SEO, Search Engine Journal should be your first destination when catching up on the latest news and views. Since 2003, SEJ has provided a forum for SEO experts to publish their findings with regards to the best ways to reach the top of the SERPs. If there’s an SEO trend that you need to know about, SEJ has likely already covered it.
Though best known for free keyword tools and proprietary PPC software, Wordstream publishes one of the best SEO blogs in the business. Whether you employ content marketing, PPC or a mix of both to promote your business, Wordstream will provide you with powerful industry insights. If you want sage advice from some of the top names in SEO, be sure to give Wordstream a permanent place on your bookmarks bar.
Copy Blogger
Considering the importance of content marketing in the modern SEO mix, it’s no surprise that Copy Blogger is such a popular site. If inbound marketing is your primary focus, then Copy Blogger should become your new bible. Aside from its endless stream of high-quality daily posts, they also publish plenty of informative e-books and host SEO-focused webinars. Online since 1998, Copy Blogger is an esteemed SEO authority worth following.
The Moz Blog
If you’ve been in the SEO game for any length of time, you’re probably familiar with Moz’s excellent online marketing tools. What few realize is that the Moz Blog is a great place to pick up the latest inbound marketing tips and tricks. Besides excellent free content, Moz is every bit the equal of Copy Blogger when it comes to webinars and community forums for SEO practitioners.
Quick Sprout
Brought to you by the co-founder of KISSmetrics, Quick Sprout is an SEO blog that can’t be ignored if you want to achieve serious results in a hurry. The featured posts by site owner Neil Patel and an array of guest writers are always timely, comprehensive and informative. For rank amateurs that want to fast-track their SEO education, Quick Sprout University is one of the best resources found on the web.
Search Engine Land
As the name implies, Search Engine Land is a sprawling web publication that covers everything from content marketing to technical tweaks to PPC best practices. Few sites can match the depth of information and industry clout that Search Engine Land boasts. Their daily articles on SEO, SEM and social media marketing are augmented by a raft of handy how-to guides that break down complex topics into easy-to-digest chunks of guidance.
Google Webmaster Central
It’s no surprise that SEO experts spend a fair amount of time and effort on climbing to the top of Google’s SERPs. In many ways, Google is responsible for the modern Search Engine Optimization industry. As such, the official Google Webmaster Central blog is required reading for SEOs that want to get ahead. Short and to the point, Webmaster Central posts keep marketers informed regarding changes to Google’s stance on good SEO.
Your Personal SEO Reading List
The preceding collection of powerhouse blogs is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to SEO journalism. There are many more equally compelling SEO blogs out there to choose from. To compile your own handpicked assortment of SEO blogs to inform your marketing decisions, check out LocalSEOCompanies.com. Our expansive listings will help you to find the right mix for your RSS reader or Google+ feed.