7 Important Content Writing Tips for Better Local SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | January 18, 2018

Search engine optimization is fundamental to internet marketing, and therefore, fundamental to marketing because almost everybody uses the internet. Although the content is one of the most important aspects of SEO for any website or blog, it can be different for a local business. The following are seven tips for better local SEO with your website’s content.

Do keyword research with your customers
There is no reason to guess at keywords or use fancy software to discover keywords for your website when you are a local business. You only need to talk to your customers. What words would they use or did use to find your business? This face-to-face keyword research is unique to local SEO.

Use your location in your website’s title
Your location is probably not in the name of your company, but you need to make it a part of your website’s title. People will often search for a product or service by name and location, so you need to put this on your front page and any other page on your site. Search engines often know where the search engine user is located, so if the location is the same, your site may be in the results, but this is not always true. A search engine may put emphasis on the location entered into the search bar.

List all of your products and services
People who search for a particular product or service may also add an additional service to the search. For example, if you are a dentist and offer emergency treatment, they may use the word emergency in the search, so this needs to be included in the services offered. You may sell a specific product with certain accessories. In this case, all of the accessories for your main product line should be listed.

Have articles related to your products and services
Your website should not simply be a sales page for your business. You should also have articles about your product or services. These articles should have information that stamps you as an expert in your particular area of business. Although you are a local business, other websites will link to these articles, and these links will boost your ranking in search results.

Make your content different from your competitors
If one or more competitors have taken the time to create content, you need to create content that is different. Naturally, there will be some overlap because there is likely fundamental information that everybody seeks about your business, but try to be creative. When there is unique content, you will have less competition for those subjects in search results.

Always have fresh content
Search engines love websites that have fresh content. This is true for a local business site as much as a business with a national audience. Make a habit of uploading new content on a regular basis.

Make sure you have quality content
This means having content that is useful to people. It is not content that is simply keyword rich to get high placement in search engine results. That is only a short-term strategy. Search engines have a way of judging quality content, and you will be rewarded in the long run with high search engine results placement.

The tips above should be helpful. Above all, always keep your customers in mind when thinking about local SEO. When they want your product, how are they using a search engine?