7 Local SEO Strategies To Give Your Business A Boost

Written by: Jason Bayless | December 02, 2017

There’s no secret to successful marketing if you are a small business that wants to compete on a local scale. It requires a website that is intuitive, easy-to-use, informational and a top-notch search engine optimization strategy to get your business noticed. Here are seven SEO strategies to help you compete in your local market.

Business Website Optimization

Your website is a reflection of your business and your brand. This asset is the gateway between turning a person who is browsing on the internet into a customer who frequently visits your brick-and-mortar store. You’ll want to start with keywords that reflect the services or products that you sell. Those keywords should be combined with your city or town and placed in the web title page of your main home page. This is the clickable listing that users will see when they search for products or services in your local niche. Also, include the name of your business, it’s address and phone number in an area at the top of your website. Potential customers should not have to search for this vital information.

Obtain Local Recommendations

Searchers love to seek out reviews and learn from others. Add user generated content (UGC) to your website by asking for reviews. This type of content can be very valuable for a new user who is trying to decide if they want to purchase from your business. UGC is positive proof that your product or services are worthwhile.

Mobile-Friendly Optimization

With mobile traffic increasing every year, your site must be optimized and mobile-friendly. In fact, Google penalizes sites that have not adapted their functionality to fit the smaller sized browsers that are found on smartphones. Your website should be using a responsive design and include search features that are optimized for mobile. Page speed loading is also a factor that Google takes into consideration in its algorithm. Smartphone users want fast results and access to a website that quickly loads information. Choose a host that provides that speed.

Utilize Local Website Business Listings

Companies such as Google, Facebook and Yelp give business owners a chance to create profiles of their business. This resource is invaluable for spreading the message about your brand. You should build your profile out on each separate asset by listing and making sure that your information stays consistent. This includes your business name, address, phone number and URL. In addition, include videos, high-quality photos and any other extra information that they allow such as business hours or listing what’s on your menu.

Online Reviews

Some of those website business listings allow your business to be reviewed. This is a great way to shine and entice others to shop at your business. You can take a proactive stance for these reviews by encouraging customers to post opinions about your business on these sites. If you give excellent service and ask for a review, it should encourage some customers to say good things about how they were treated. Of course, there may be some negative reviews. This is your chance to open a dialogue with those reviewers and discuss the problem. The important thing is to never post fake reviews. If you’re discovered, your business will lose a lot of trust.

Local Link Building

Building links back to your site is still an important part of the Google algorithm. Focus on obtaining links from local organizations and businesses. Provide sponsorships or co-promote with another noncompetitive entity and have them link back to your site. Put a little effort into this SEO tip and it will definitely help Google gain trust in your website.

Voice Search

Voice search is becoming a popular way to discover your website. Be sure to optimize your landing page and add copy to make it suitable for question searches. Ask yourself if you should give them a unique landing page for these type of searches and change your ad copy to fit. Voice search is only going to grow in the next few years. It is an important factor for you to take into consideration.