7 Local SEO Tips for Small Businesses

Written by: Jason Bayless | July 21, 2015

For years, companies have heard how big business is taking over the world. Yet local companies still retain prominence in a marketplace that often seeks all things vintage. Still though, competition exists amongst these businesses, especially when they make their products available for sale online. Therefore, incorporating strong local SEO strategies into online marketing campaigns is imperative.

Use Content Marketing
Content marketing is useful for businesses of all types, and it has a particular appeal when it comes to small businesses. Not only do you have the ability to speak directly to your customers, but you can also discuss events related to your products and services that happen around town. If they see your products at a particular event, for example, they have a tangible example of your work. You may also consider bringing a different voice into your blog from time to time.

Hire Guest Bloggers
Part of effective SEO strategies involve incorporating fresh content into your website. When visitors see the same material time and time again, they are likely to turn to another site. Hiring guest blogs helps to generate new ideas for your website since you may find yourself in a writing rut. You can also invite people from the community to provide a voice to your site.

Incorporate Keywords and Phrases into Content
At the very core of SEO lies the implementation of keywords and phrases into your content. These keywords and phrases should relate to the topic of your business and also the area in which the company is located. Doing so helps to bring your website to the top of search engine results lists where people are actually searching for your product or service.

Include Your Location in Your URL
Not only do you want to make sure that you have the business type and location located within the content of your pages, but you also want to include pertinent information in the URL for your page. If the name of your business is “Jack’s Toys” and your company is located in Pittsburgh, a URL that incorporates “jackstoyspittsburgh” is useful in successful search engine optimization strategies. This strategy also relates to marketing because you are helping to brand the image of your URL in the minds of both potential and current customers.

Identify the Location of Your Business
Local SEO is helpful because it assists in bringing people who are living in or who are visiting the area. However, if they cannot clearly see where your company is located, then they are not going to find the business. You need to make sure the address and phone number are located next to the listing on the search engine results page. Furthermore, that information should appear on each page of your website so that customers can easily contact you and visit your location.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile Usage
In an age where people rely so heavily on their cell phones, you need to make sure that your website is optimized for mobile usage. That element is particularly important for a local business because people may hope to just stop in to your shop. However, if the website is so difficult to navigate that they cannot tell where your business is located or if you offer the services that they need, then you have failed in that particular mission.

Establish Business Listings
To gain exposure to different people, you need to make sure your business is present in local online business listing systems. For example, if you are not currently in the local Yellowbook, then you need to be there. This type of exposure is useful because people do not necessarily need to type information into a search engine. They can see your listing when they are browsing through the listing website.

These SEO tips help to generate more traffic to your website and to invite people to make a purchase online or in the store.