7 Top Local SEO Opportunities For 2018

Written by: Jason Bayless | December 19, 2017

Change is inevitable when it comes to search engine optimization. SEO trends are changing so fast that it had become hard for businesses to adopt each of them. In a very short period of time, SEO tactics that were working in favor of your business may become obsolete and worse off, harm your business’ ranking on search engines. If you don’t foresee the developing trends or for some reason neglect them, your business may be left too much far behind that it becomes difficult to catch up.

In this article, we are going to discuss the emerging SEO trends and the opportunities that they offer for your business to grow.

1. Link building
In the modern digital marketing world, businesses are starting to develop new ways to improve their ratings on the Google Scale. Link building and determining the direct relationship of websites will always help in improving your search results on search engines. To be safe with this strategy, ensure a routine clean-up of your backlink profiles. This will take you a step ahead and build a competitive edge against businesses that offer the same product as you. In 2018, you should not waste time for spammy and grey-hat tactics and should focus more on how you can grow your backlink profile at a natural pace.

2. Taking advantage of the mobile platforms
According to Google, search from mobile devices has surpassed that from personal computers and desktops. Any forward thinking business should see this as an opportunity to improve its rankings on search engine results. Business owners should focus on how they can reduce their website’s load time on mobile gadgets as this would go a long way in improving consumer website experience. Firms should also take advantage of the Accelerated Mobile Pages Application by Google which enables mobile pages to load four times faster than regular pages.

3. The rise of Voice Search
The technology in voice recognition tools continues to grow, and their accuracy is improving as time progresses. According to reports, Microsoft has achieved a 5.1% word error rate. The number of voice searches is growing fast as voice recognition becomes less frustrating and more convenient. According to another research done by HigherVisibility, 70% of respondent’s admitted to using voice search at least once a month. Businesses should submit more precise queries by the incorporation of long tail keywords. They should also use a conversational tone and a more natural language to answer the question of a hoe, what, where and when questions.

4. Progressive website applications
Another of Google’s initiatives to make web browsing faster and better is the use of progressive apps. The application’s essence is to combine all the best features for native and mobile applications and leave the shortcomings behind. PWAs as they are called, have proven to have a positive impact on conversion rates and consumer engagement. PWAs have the ability to transform a business from the integration of payment applications, being super-fast and enabling the consumer to download the app to the home screen of their mobile devices.

5. Wise spending of crawl budget
For quite some time, the crawl budget concept has been surrounded by mystery. Crawl budget is essentially the concept of making your site look more appealing to search engines. Ensuring that you don’t waste any of your crawl budgets will enable you have a healthy website and improve your rankings on Google search. Ensure that you don’t have unnecessary re-direct chains and eliminate broken links.

6. Adopting a new approach to good content
In today’s fast world, consumers want information that is short, engaging, factual and to the point. As a business, you should ensure that articles and blogs that are posted to your website add value and answer the most asked by consumers briefly and concisely. You may need to consider the routine of your keyword research and seize focusing on specific keywords.

7. Giving more attention to structured data.
Most businesses agree that in today’s era of the meaningful web, markup of structured data is underrated. It is also a great way to ensure that your site is crawler-friendly which helps search engines comprehend your content. As a result, your search engine result index will improve on Google rankings. A business can also take advantage of Google’s structure based features such as Google’s SERP.