7 Unusual Tips to Improve Your Local SEO with Social Media

Written by: Jason Bayless | April 19, 2018

Search Engine Optimization is very important for any business, but if you’re trying to reach clients in your community there are a few specific tips that you can use to reach more local consumers.

1.Optimize Your Profile

In the bio of each social media profile, make sure to include relevant information such as your company name and description, address and contact information, photos, and any other information that will peak the interest of local traffic.

2. Post about Local Events

Post on social media about different events going on in the local community. This can be anything from charity fundraisers, concerts, marathons, etc. These events will already be highly searched for and talked about by consumers in your area, so including them in your posts will help boost your rankings.

3. Offer Localized Coupons

Share coupons to your social pages that are targeted towards local consumers, businesses, etc. Search engines will pick up the coupons and the number of people who visit your page. This information goes towards your overall rankings.

4. Create Local Listings

Make sure that your business has a local listing on Google+. It must include address, hours of operation, contact information and any other relevant information for your company. Having a listing on Google+ allows customers to review your company. In addition, Google ranks businesses with the highest reviews first. On your facebook page, you can also make it easier for customers to find you by providing a map or a list of locations.

5. Use Keywords

Using the right keywords can make a big difference in your search engine rankings. Do keyword research and find the most relevant and highly searched for keywords related to your business and use them in your blog, website, youtube channel and social media profiles. When users search for these keywords, your content will pop up.

6. Build Links with Social Channels

Post links to your website on all social media channels and in the content you post. Links posted in social media profiles are considered high-quality due to the fact that they have high web authority.

7. Grow Your Followers

Search Engines look at how often you’re posting and how many people are interacting with you and this information affects your rankings. Encourage your followers to engage with you by liking and sharing, and constantly finding ways to grow your number of followers as well. Word of warning: don’t try to cheat the system! Facebook will penalize you for using fake likes, and search engines will punish you with lower rankings as well.

With the tips mentioned above, you will be well on your way to reaching more local traffic and garnering interest to your business. Remember this is a marathon, not a sprint, and through consistent work, over time you will see your brand awareness and revenue growth.