8 Benefits of Infographics on Local SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | May 05, 2016

Boosting your business using online techniques helps to drive potential clients to your website. Before your marketing works, you need to find specialized methods that help people to find you. Without this, you will be lost in the maze of the thousands of websites that use tactics to drive business. One promising approach is to incorporate infographics into your marketing campaigns. This technique uses information in a picture or graphics format. Understanding how it works and its benefits to your business will help you implement it in more creative ways. Here is how infographics help your local SEO efforts.

1. Search engine extensions

Infographics work by conveniently placing you in an images search engine. This search engine also links to other search engines to help people locate you quickly. By using visual information, you list your business in several places consecutively. This improves your search engine rankings and makes it easy for internet users to find you.

2. Adding up keywords

After creating an infographic, you can place it on your site or in several other places. This is profitable because it allows you to create tags and keywords to the infographic. Doing this enables the image to categorize your business and index it on the web using specific keywords that you cannot add in certain areas of your site. When search engines read this information, they rank you higher and extend your online profile. Visitors to your website can then find you using particular keywords.

3. New linking styles

When Google, Bing, and other search engines updated their style of listing, it became difficult to link from other types of websites. Infographics remove this hindrance by allowing you to add the information on newer sites in a legitimate manner using the infographics, thus, ranking your business higher in the search engines. You can now add your infographics in a graphical images database and link back to your site. Doing this builds your SEO and online reputation and increases the number of times people notice your online presence.

4. Incorporation into social media

Infographics can be added into social media websites quickly. This helps to catch the attention of your potential website visitors. You can also link back to your site using certain keywords. You can place your infographics on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Combining the infographics with keywords, hashtags, and links to your website is an excellent way to achieve a strong online presence while at the same time driving more traffic to your site.

5. Increased appeal

Human beings are creatures with a short concentration span. We tend to scan information rather than reading the text. We also remember what we see more than what we read. So, infographics are a great way to engage and appeal to the mind of the reader.

6. Increased sharing capabilities

Infographics are highly shareable for use on the web. For example, an infographic published on a website or WordPress blog provides an embed code that allows people to link from these pages to your site. They can also be shared easily on social media sites, and can become more efficient than ordinary text.

7. Reinforce your brand

Since infographics are visually appealing, they can be used to reinforce a brand. Designing an infographic with consistent shapes, colors and messages together with your logo will create an effective method of brand awareness.

8. Add fun to business

Infographics are an engaging medium to create a unique connection with visitors to your site or any other location where infographics are featured.

Infographics are great inventions that can be used to propel your business to the next level if you do them right. So with this understanding, you are well armed to drive your business into greater sales.