8 Key Elements to Great Local SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | November 24, 2016
Local SEO is a prodigious tool for generating more business, and these techniques are especially powerful for companies that serve the immediate surrounding area. Instead of relying solely or heavily on general SEO strategies that are not tailored for the specific needs of your business, take the time to reinvent strategies and develop new plans.

1. Mobile-friendly Pages
In many ways, mobile-friendly pages are more prolific for small businesses than for large ones. When people are walking through the community, they may get a craving or a desire for whatever product it is that you are selling. Pages that are optimized for mobile devices allow them to find your business and go there immediately. Therefore, this SEO strategy can help you to make a very fast sale.

2. Proper Local Listing Information
Not only might people check out what your business has to offer and immediately want to go there, but they may also need directions. When the listing information is incorrect, however, they could find themselves ensnared in a host of incorrect directions. Even if you did not create the listing, they will likely blame you for the errors.

3. Options to Buy on Mobile Pages
While some people will venture right down to the store when they want to purchase your products, others want to order from the comfort of their homes. Creating this feature is particularly important if you offer a delivery service. Local customers will love that they can just go to the app and get whatever they need delivered right to their front door.

4. Content Marketing
Content marketing is an important strategy for all businesses to consider, but it has a particular appeal for your business. Think about some of the reasons why customers love your company, and the personal touch is probably one of them that comes to mind. Individuals like local businesses because they don’t just feel like a number. By using content marketing, you can speak directly to them, and you can also invite local talent to create content for you.

5. Social Media Pages
In the same train of thought, speaking directly with your customers on social media is another way to build that extremely important rapport. Take the time to thank customers for posting pictures or reviews on your social media pages, and let them know you are listening to their concerns. You can also post announcements, pictures and videos to get people excited about affiliated events in the area.

6. Blog
Think about places where people gather to chat with each other about issues going on in the area or affecting the community. Even if some vitriol makes its way in once in awhile, these spaces often lead to productive discussions. Creating a blog with a comments section lets community members get involved. Just make sure someone is monitoring it for said vitriol.

7. Clever Titles
The titles and subheadings on your pages give you a chance to provide visitors with information they need to properly scan content. However, they also let you add in a local twist. Consider titles that refer to events or landmarks in the community to create an even more inviting feel.

8. Appropriate Keywords
When you are marketing predominantly to people who live in the area, you must make sure that the keywords are optimized in that way. Attracting customers primarily from across the country, for example, is unlikely to help you.

Integrating these strategies into your website and mobile storefronts can help you to achieve a greater level of success in the local community and draw in more eager customers than ever before.