A List Of Mighty Local SEO Tips

Written by: Jason Bayless | July 04, 2017

Effective visibility on the internet relies on the proper utilization of local SEO. In this article we will discuss the important points to help you appear in the top Google results for local searches. If you are a coffee shop in Los Angeles for example, then you will have to think about a list of keywords and phrases containing your activity and your geographical area. For this example, you can work with “coffee shop in Los Angeles.” These keywords will serve you for your strategy on and off line.

For Google you must create a page by specifying your NAP = Name, Address and Phone. Then choose the correct category reserved for your sector and finally confirm your page thanks to the Google code sent in the mail. With many of Google’s services, we find references to the Google My Business system. This platform is essential to improving your local SEO. The Google My Business page can contain a lot of information like a description of your activity, your opening hours and of course a link to your website.

This is your starting point to optimizing your local SEO. Having a business listing will allow you to inform your customers about your opening hours, appear in Google Maps, and collect opinions. Google My Business is a tool offered by Google for small and medium-sized businesses that want to improve their local visibility. It will allow you to create your online business card. Signing up for this tool is essential to gaining visibility.

For a classic SEO strategy, you need to work your presence on the web and for that you need to use platforms. You know some of them since you may use them on a daily basis. Use directories like Yellow Pages, and many others.

Think of directories specialized in your locality. Registering your site on this type of directory will allow you to work your NAP. You should always work your NAP consistently. Use the same denomination for your business and not make mistakes in your zip code, address or city. This vigilance will help you with your Google ranking.

This advice will be useful for local SEO and for the domain of the web in general. You know, the web is constantly evolving and the guidelines of Google are changing frequently. Local SEO is essential to appearing in a good position in the ranking of Google results when a user enters a search containing a geographical indication. Although Google My Business is a powerful tool for your local SEO, you should not neglect other techniques.

You will have to optimize your pages for relevant keywords. The basis of good SEO is to target the right keywords. Use keywords that indicate your business, your products, the customer’s needs and a geographic indicator. They must also be sufficiently sought after to be effective.

Your keywords should correspond to relevant search queries and should also be consistent with what you do. Google also attaches importance to consumer opinions. They prove that you are offering quality goods and services. Ask your satisfied customers to leave a comment on your listing.

Customer reviews are valuable assets to reassure your visitors and convince them to make purchases. Potential buyers feel more comfortable when they read customer reviews. Reviews will allow you to gain visibility by increasing your click-through rate. These comments are very influential.

It is very likely that you will also have negative comments. Responding to your dissatisfied customers is a great way to reassure your prospects. Do not respond angrily, take the time to write your answer carefully.