Achieve Your Local SEO Dreams With These Tips

Written by: Jason Bayless | July 06, 2017

Before choosing a supermarket, restaurant or cafe, an internet user consults the opinions of his peers. This is even more important when it comes to local shops than for online retailers. It is therefore good practice to make sure that you are mentioned on review sites.

Aim to get reviews on specialized websites like TripAdvisor, but also smaller sites, oriented towards local services, such as those offered by bloggers, associations or municipalities. In addition to review sites, a Google MyBusiness page is an important showcase. Presented in the form of a “”box”” in the right column, it gathers most of your practical information. That includes your opening hours, contact information, the products you offer and customer reviews.

Your first step should be to create a local business page on Google. To do this go to Google MyBusiness. You will then be asked to verify that this is your company. They will mail something to the address you are using and you will need to enter a code in their form.

If your business operates in multiple locations, you must create a page for each site on your website. Your profile must also include a local phone number, and an address that is always formatted identically. You must keep your address the same on your Google page and on your website.

Trust us, your Google MyBusiness page is essential to ranking highly on local queries. Free and simple to set up, you do not want to miss out on having one. Plus, a Google MyBusiness page will provide the user a “”Call”” button from a mobile and direct access to Google Maps to locate you. If you have not asked Google to acknowledge that you are the ‘author’ of your blog or site, this is something you can do in a few simple steps.

You also get to upload pictures and a video. Fully complete your local business profile. Your natural tendency would be to link to your homepage, and this is perhaps the best thing to do. Write a good description using keywords, and include your opening hours and your contact information.

You can also include your about page, your contact page or a page that has been specially created for local SEO. Use a page that has a good title and is well written with content optimized specifically for local searches. You are able to link a single web page to your local business. With the creation of your Google MyBusiness page, you are on the right track to stand out among your local businesses, but there are still a few more strategies you may use to improve your local SEO.

Obviously, local SEO uses keywords. In this case, it is better to aim smaller and better targeted to perform well. So choose long-term requests and include your geographic location. If you leave out your geographic location, you will get more clicks more easily. On the other hand, your conversion rate will probably be better if you include a geographic location as it will be targeted.

Organize events on Facebook, get customer feedback and publicize your business. For local SEO, you should not neglect social networks, especially if your business is in a service industry. The recommendations and the sharing that the networks offer are particularly suitable for local SEO.

SEO and SEA are complementary. Therefore, you can also boost your ranking a little by launching a Facebook Ads campaign to publicize your business. Again, do not forget to target your audience within a limited range. Google AdWords also offers some interesting extensions, and they lend themselves to helping local businesses.