Best 7 Secrets for Local SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | March 10, 2015

Google and other major search engines utilize links, local listing pages, business listings, website content, and local citations in order to return the best relevant results back to their users. Want to learn how you can improve your local SEO results in order to enhance your business and dominate the local search results? Try using these seven proven secrets for better and stronger SEO. 

1. Earn local links. 

It’s crucial that you blog with your business since it gives you a greater chance to create targeted content geared towards specific keywords. Also, if your content is useful and considered high-quality, it will increase the likelihood of other websites linking to your content and therefore creating more inbound links to your site. 

2. Use link building and citations. 

Link building is probably the best way to improve local SEO hands down. Therefore, you should always be focusing on trying to earn inbound links to your site. Citations are key occurrences regarding your business name, address, and your phone number (NAP) on other sites. However, a citation listing doesn’t always have a link. Try to focus on increasing both your citations and links in order to strengthen and improve your local SEO. 

3. Delete duplicate listings. 

A huge percentage of businesses have duplicate pages, which is why it’s crucial to delete them by using different services like Yext or Moz Local to help you identify and eliminate any duplicates. Generally, duplicate listings can happen when a company isn’t completely organized and there are multiple employees working together on marketing simultaneously. Once the duplicate listings are removed, it’s key that you keep monitoring your listings to determine if anymore listings are created. Both Yext and Moz Local can help you with that. 

4. Submit to local directories. 

The exact same program that’s used to audit NAP can also be used in identifying and submitting your listing to other similar business directories. In addition to the main national directories, you need to identify any local and industry specific directories that will provide you with a high quality listing. Also, avoid any low quality or spammy directories that are solely created for SEO purposes only.

5. Correctly do your on-page optimization.

It’s critical that your site’s on-page optimization is performed correctly so that you can reach the top positions in the local search results. Several business owners are truly scared when it comes to optimizing their site. But, when you understand what it involves and how simple it is to incorporate, it’s not that hard at all. There are several guides and tips available that will show you step-by-step what you need to know regarding on-page optimization. 

6. Attract local reviews.

Reviews play a key role concerning local SEO as well as help you enhance your click-through rate since customers will naturally be drawn to prominent listings that have a great deal of review activity. However, you have to be somewhat diplomatic and not actually come right out and tell your clients to leave a review. It’s acceptable to let them know you appreciate their feedback and subtly guide them to the many places where they can actually leave it. For instance, it’s against the terms of service on Yelp to tell your clients to leave a review, but it’s okay to let them know how to locate your business on Yelp instead. 

7. Publish fresh content on a regular basis. 

Take advantage of your blog by creating helpful information concerning your industry and business that your visitors will actually like to read. Blogging is an excellent way to target local keywords in addition to providing a voice and an outlet for your business. For instance, you can publicize exclusive offers, promotions, and special events through your business blog. 

The information listed here is ideal for any business owner that may be wondering how to go about improving their local SEO as well increase both their website traffic and local foot traffic in their store. Follow these steps to drastically improve your overall local SEO.