Best Local SEO Friendly Website Builders

Written by: Jason Bayless | September 05, 2015

When building a website, it’s crucial to keep SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in the forefront of your mind, which refers to the process of making sure a site or blog appears as high as possible in the search engine results based on certain keywords or phrases.

It’s important to ensure that your site is fully optimized so it will appear somewhere in the top ten search engine results, preferably the top three spots. In order to make that happen, you’ll need a website builder that’s SEO-friendly as well as taking the necessary steps to correctly optimize the valuable content on your web page. Here are three of the best local SEO-friendly website builders available today.


Squarespace markets themselves as a premier mobile website creator in order to help you design attractive web pages that are already equipped to operate on various mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Additionally, their incredibly easy-to-use site designer means that virtually anyone can get a site up and running in no time. The wide variety of diverse templates to choose from offers you many choices that can perfectly accommodate your business or personal needs, offering everything from photography to bakery web pages. offers a convenient management system that facilitates full control regarding the SEO aspects of many features of the site, while also making the site search engine-friendly as well. As a result, the user has more time and energy to focus on their keyword optimization concerning their articles and pages.


Wix has a simple drag-and-drop editor that comes equipped with a basic built-in area for enhancing your SEO efforts. Even though these key features appear to be somewhat basic in nature, Wix also offers a handy app that’s available for free in their store known as ‘SEO Wizard’ that will offer a helpful step-by-step guide on ways to improve the SEO on your site. Also, there are many other available SEO apps on Wix that will help boost your organic search engine results as well.

In addition to these convenient SEO tools, Wix is totally cost-free to use. Yes – it’s a completely free website building system that offers hundreds of expertly-designed templates that you can choose from in order to serve your needs.

Besides these ultra-convenient SEO features that Wix offers and the fact that it’s free, they also provide website-enhancing social media integration features along with a number of helpful apps and a great support center that can assist with any problem you may run into 24/7. This makes Wix the ideal choice for people who need a site but may be somewhat technically-challenged and/or desire a low-maintenance, cost-free platform to advertise their business or brand.


Web is a solid website builder for anyone who wants to create a professional business-oriented site. With a number of services and robust tools to help generate high traffic, this easy DIY site builder is very simple to use. In fact, a basic point-and-click interface enables you to choose from a vast assortment of website templates that you can easily customize using many different elements in order to accommodate whatever style you’re looking for.

Web’s expert team of SEO professionals are 100 percent dedicated to help you take your site to a whole new level in order to promote your business. The only downside is that it’s not free, but it’s well worth the low cost for what you’re getting in return. Their overall expertise and marketing services make website creation a breeze and will help boost your site high in the search engines.

Why SEO Matters

Keep in mind that search engine optimization is primarily a matter of ensuring that your targeted keywords and phrases are used an adequate number of times throughout your articles and web pages along with other key factors to consider as well, such as site architecture and integrating media. Knowing that, don’t worry so much about the smaller, less important things like meta descriptions and tags. You can always learn and use the more complicated aspects later on down the road once you learn the fundamentals.

Again, SEO is very important. In reality, if a site or blog doesn’t show up on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., it might as well not exist at all. Therefore, ensure that the website builder you use has a strong focus on good SEO for the sake of your site and ultimately your business.