Best Local SEO Plugins Used by Bloggers

Written by: Jason Bayless | August 27, 2015

Blogging is rapidly becoming one of the best marketing and revenue generating mechanisms online. There are blogs in almost every industry niche that are extremely successful; however, there are also a lot of bloggers who have some decent content, but they have not been able to rank high enough to take advantage of the organic traffic that is produced through internet searches. One way that bloggers can improve their SEO performance is to use local SEO plugins to boost their search engine rankings. Being that more than half of the bloggers in the world are using the WordPress CMS, it seems logical to find the best WP plugins that focus on enhancing SEO performance.

One of the reasons that WP is so popular among bloggers is because it is extremely simple to operate, and it offers an exceptional amount of functionality. That functionality is further enhanced by the capacity for bloggers to install plugins. Following, are some of the best local SEO plugins most used by bloggers.

All-in-One SEO Pack

This is a very popular plugin for bloggers who use WP, and it is one of the most recommended SEO plugins on the market. It has an immensely high level of functionality, allowing users to customize Meta HTML, even if the user does not have experience with writing code. The plugin also allows the user to change the site description and the site title, with relative ease. Many bloggers that have a substantial understanding of SEO love this plugin because it is so feature rich, allowing them to tailor their SEO strategy to suit their blog.

SEO Smart Links

Internal links play a significant role in maximizing SEO efforts. Internal links connect the visitor with other content on the site that is similar or relevant to the content they are reading. SEO Smart Links is a plugin that automatically generates internal links based on content similarity.


SEOPressor is an SEO plugin that has a high level of functionality, allowing the blogger to ensure that they are doing everything possible to optimize all of the content on each page. The plugin performs all of the on-page SEO functions, including social graphing, building a keyword focus and internal linking. The plugin uses a process known as Perfect Keyword Decoration to attract the attention of search engines, like Google.


Easy WP SEO is another SEO plugin that places a significant amount of gravity on managing on-page SEO strategies. In comparison to most SEO plugins, this plugin is extremely feature rich. While there are some plugins that are free and do an impeccable job, this particular plugin has a $17 price tag; however, the functionality and performance of the plugin more than justify the minimal cost to obtain it.

Premium SEO Pack

Premium SEO Pack is an innovative premium SEO WP plugin that is relatively new. The plug in is remarkably comprehensive, containing all of the latest features. The support that is offered through this plugin is nothing short of remarkable, and although it comes with a $39 price tag, its performance more than supports its value, which extends beyond the cost. This SEO plugin offers all of the features offered by other plugins. Along with some additional features such as link building capacity, local SEO support, page speed insights, SEO friendly images and much more. Being that the plugin is new, there is still a great deal of customer feedback on the developer’s site, and customers seem to be extremely impressed. This exceptional plugin has the ability to reduce the SEO burden of the user by 90 percent or more.

Whether a blogger is looking for a premium plugin or a free one, there are some good ones out there that can effectively boost SEO performance exponentially, starting with the plugins listed here.