Bring Your Brand To The Local People With SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | September 14, 2017

“When most people think of businesses they think of the iconic brands that make up some great American and world industries. That being said, the real engine of business development is in small businesses. Those businesses operate day in and day out to serve the people that are local to them. This is why they need local SEO on their websites and blogs to bring in business from those who look them up on the Internet.

Even in many small towns people have at least a few choices for which business they would like to work with to get certain products. This means that many will search on the Internet to see which one they should choose. Having a result that pops up near the top of search engine results is critical to bringing in new customers. It is like having to top listing in the phone book from years past. points out that one of the key values to local SEO that many people forget to mention is that it increases the chances that a potential customer even know that you exist.

When someone goes to search for your service in the area you want to make it possible for them to find a map with your location on the map. You want the address to be available to them along with directions for how to get there. That can help them to get in their car and head right over if they are in the mood to do so. However, none of that happens if you do not have the proper local SEO ready to go for them.

What a lot of people do not realize is that local SEO is often a product of blogging. It would look odd and not be very effective to try a local SEO strategy on your official company website. Rather, a blog is the place to work on this as you can talk freely about anything going on in the local area while making sure to use plenty of specific keywords that you know people are going to look into.

An additional bonus of using a blog is that you can use it as one of the backlinks to your actual website and thus boost the website a little more. Link the blog to your website to achieve maximum power from what you are doing.

The blog needs to be professional but also remain friendly and lighthearted. This is the best way to attract readers and help bring more people in to the conversation. Readers like to read something about their area that feels authentic and does push a product on them too hard. They are mostly just there for the entertainment value in the beginning but soon may find themselves trying out some of the products that you are advertising as well.

Your local approach is much more powerful than almost any other strategy because you do not have as much competition in your specific region. You do not have to do battle against the whole world, you just have to win the market that you are personally in. This is very doable if you put your mind to it and start blogging about something that people actually want to read about.

The truth is that many small businesses have still not gotten their act together and embraced the Internet for what it is. They do not realize how much potential there is for making more sales. Given all of this, you want to consider using local SEO to gain an advantage on the competition as soon as you can.”