Clean Up Local SEO Mistakes

Written by: Jason Bayless | March 05, 2016

Local SEO mistakes could interfere with your efforts to attract new customers and improve your brand recognition. Local SEO is fast becoming a critical resource for consumers in search of products and services. Common mistakes like failing to create listings for multiple search engines, keyword stuffing or failure to provide fresh content and regular updates can become a major liability. Addressing and avoiding the most common mistakes will ensure that your efforts to utilize local SEO are met with a greater degree of success.

Footers That Include City or Zip Code

Outdated efforts to utilize local SEO often rely on the inclusion of city names and zip codes in an effort to improve rankings for location-specific searches. While this technique may have provided limited results in the past, Google’s Quality Guidelines state that the inclusion of irrelevant keywords may actually have a detrimental impact on rankings. Current search engine algorithms actually punish businesses that make use of outdated method. Adopting the latest SEO techniques and keeping pace with changing trends is never a concern that should be left to chance.

Failure to Add New Content

Fresh content is important because it provides future customers and prospective clients with useful information as well as providing businesses additional opportunities to earn inbound links. Utilizing evergreen content is often essential for ensuring information stays relevant, but it is no substitute for providing new information and make regular updates. Posting high-quality content and useful information often is one of the key factors in ensuring that local SEO efforts and digital promotional methods are able to provide the level of success businesses are seeking to enjoy.

Poor Site Layout or Design

Websites that are hard to navigate may create any number of issues and problems that should not be taken lightly. Poorly designed websites that are hard to navigate and those that may not be properly configured for mobile devices could lead to:

  • Poor customer satisfaction
  • Negative reviews
  • Lower conversions
  • Lost sales opportunities and decreased revenue

Providing visitors with a professionally designed, attractive and easy to navigate website is essential for ensuring a positive first impression, building brand recognition and ensuring that your business is able to stand out from the competition. An outdated website is a liability that could end up costing your business a great deal.

Overlooking the Benefits of Social Media

Social media sites and services allow businesses to attract the attention of greater numbers of consumers. While social media may not always be essential for ensuring a successful local SEO campaign, social shares and the greater exposure leading social media services may provide can have numerous positive benefits for any digital marketing camping. Enhancing your exposure and attracting the attention of larger numbers of potential clients and future customers can lead to improved site traffic, higher rankings and increased revenue.

Neglecting Video in Your Local SEO

Simply uploading a video and including your keyword within the title can build new links and improve your search engine standings. YouTube is the second largest search engine, and frequent updates of high-quality video content can play a key role in ensuring that your business is able to differentiate itself from the competition. Uploaded videos can also provide you with the opportunity to educate your customers, advertise your products and provide more detailed information regarding your services.