Creative Tips for Small Business Local SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | September 13, 2016
When it comes to your small business, you’re not going to have the budget of the big companies for marketing and advertising. This means you’re going to have to be creative. However, before you can be creative, you have to make sure you have the basics of local SEO covered.
The Basics

This doesn’t mean you should lay down and sleep before tackling your marketing plan. It refers to name, address and phone number. When you are creating your marketing plan, ensure that your website, social media and any review sites have the correct information. It needs to be extremely accurate because even one mistake or inconsistency can have an impact on the ranking of your company on the search engines.

Optimize for Mobile
When potential customers are searching online, they are often doing so on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. They want to find your address, operating hours or phone number to visit your location or do more research. You should be making this as easy as possible for them. Almost all smartphone users will search for a business at some point on their phones. Make sure your website is optimized for that audience.

Local Search Terms
A potential customer searching in Atlanta, GA will want to see local businesses. This is where you have an advantage over the national brands. You’re the local business that he or she is looking for in the area. Whether you’re selling coffee and donuts or jewelry, you want to ensure that your website copy has references to the local areas. These should be part of your keyword strategy to get local customers through the doors.

The Creative

Sponsor a Local Team
When you sponsor a local sports team, you’re getting your name out in front of local customers. You’re also giving yourself an opportunity to be featured in a local newspaper when that team does something newsworthy. Have your logo on the team’s uniforms and send out press releases to your local papers to ensure they’re aware of your sponsorship.

Host Free Events
While the event might be free to the public, you should know that hosting an event can be costly unless you get the rest of the community involved. A free event means publicity and media attention. If it’s a charity event or has food and free activities, you’ll get even more attention. If you have a prior relationship with reporters in your area, you’ll be able to get some attention for your event too.

Communication and Contests
Having more online links to your website will be a huge boost to your visibility in the search engines. Make sure you’re on all the social media platforms that you can thoroughly monitor. It’s better to have a huge following on 2 platforms than a meager presence on 5 of them. Throw a contest for your followers or participate in online events with others in the community. You’ll naturally get links and visitors through contests. Make sure there’s a worthwhile prize for the winner of the contest.

Answer Questions
There are plenty of forums and answer sites that need your expertise. If you’re an authority in your niche, you’ll want to gain attention for yourself and your business through providing free answers to others. The more helpful you are, the more people will remember your company. You’ll gain their trust especially when you provide those answers with no strings attached.

After getting the basics covered with your name, address and phone number on various sites, you can then start getting creative with your marketing. When you’re a small business, you have to beat out your competition in ways that might not be traditional. People will remember you for being creative, fresh and new.