Dentist Local SEO Guide

Written by: Jason Bayless | May 30, 2015

Dentists provide a number of valuable services to customers. While they often perform cosmetic services like teeth whitening and stain removal, they also assist patients with root canals, filling cavities and other restorative services. Depending on where you live and work in the country, you might find that there are 10 or more other dentists working in the area and that each has their own websites. Though it’s nearly impossible to see your page rise in the rankings among searches for general dentistry tips, you can increase your web presence and move up in the rankings among local dentists when you follow some simple tips.

Use Google +

Google + is easily one of the best resources for local and small business owners. As long as you can prove that you own your own dental practice or office and can show your contact information, you can create a page through Google. This lets patients post reviews about the work you did and services you offered. You can also upload images of the inside and outside of your office and include a link to your main website. Using local and dental keywords in all Google + posts can lead to increased traffic to your site.

Link on Social Networking Sites

Google + and online directories use information readily available about your dental practice when determining the ranking of your site. You can increase your ranking and possibly improve your SEO ranking when you link to social networking sites and list links to your page on that site. You might post deals, coupons and discounts for viewers and those who like your page but require that they follow the link back to your site to find that coupon. Some dentists also list coupons on Instagram that they must print out or coupon codes on Twitter.

Submit to Directories

If you spend any amount of time online, you might hear some negative stories about Yelp. Yelp is an online community that highlights local businesses and lets users post positive and negative reviews of those businesses. Submitting your website and dental practice to Yelp lets you use local keywords and phrases to target people searching for a dental office in your area. Potential patients can also read reviews from current and former patients to get an idea about how you operate and whether you make patients feel comfortable.

Target the Local Community

While you can use keywords relating to services like implants and dentures, you also want to target the local community. A simple way to do this is with the names of local schools, roads and attractions. An Orlando dentist might use keywords and phrases like cosmetic dentistry in Orlando, Orlando cavities and Orlando dentists as well as keywords relating to local attractions like Disney World and Universal Studios. You will also want to include the address of your office, your phone number and an email address. Using local information on your home page lets visitors know right away that they found a local dentist.

Bring Pages Back to the City

When building your dental website and using these Dentist SEO practices, make sure that you bring the page back to your city with details about the local community. If prom or another big dance is coming up, you might post articles about how teeth whitening can make teens feel more confident and look better at the dance. You might also post articles about regular check ups prior to the start of the school year and how your office offers discounted teeth cleaning to local residents during the holidays.

Building a new local website is a great way to get locals interested in your practice and more willing to schedule an appointment. While you want to include contact information, you also want to use smart SEO practices and submit your site to local directories, social networking sites and Google + to help spread your name across the Internet.