Do Local SEO for Franchises

Written by: Jason Bayless | May 17, 2016

When you take control of a franchise, you are responsible for not only one site, but many. Because you are dealing with locations that may not be next to each other, localization gets complex unless you know what you are doing. Here are the tricks of the trade when it comes to local search engine optimization for franchises.

Synchronizing a Single Point of Contact for the Franchise

The number one tip that you must consider is to create a single point of contact for the franchise. This central point can then be syndicated for different local campaigns depending on the location of the individual branch of the business. Although many of the same rules apply for local search engine optimization, you must create a campaign that works for all of the locations instead of just one. Creating a format from the single point of contact will help immensely in this effort.

Defining Objectives with Successful Franchisors

One of the benefits of creating search engine optimization for franchises the ability to try different techniques in different areas. The franchisee has the ability to take ideas from other locations that are successful and implement them into his or her own local branch. This is something that every franchise should think about as it creates its centralized search engine optimization campaign.

One of the most important concepts of any franchise business meeting is a vote on the overall marketing campaign. It is actually very easy to decide on the successful campaigns of an online franchise based on local search engine optimization. Analytics online are all quantitative. People can easily see what works and what does not. With this in mind, defining the objectives based on the successes of individual franchises for the entire company should not be is difficult as it seems.

Creating Unique Individual Local Campaigns

Once a centralized theme is decided upon, the next step is to create individual local campaigns. Each local campaign should take the format that is decided upon from the central location. Local terms can then be added into header tags and pictures on each local website.

The major search engines will take note of an organizational structure like this. It is always a good thing if you have the websites indexed together so that he major search engines understand that every local website as part of a larger conglomerate. Make sure that all of the citations on each local website have the same format. Follow all of the rules of formatting citations for an individual website. These rules may include

1. not using any special characters;
2. making sure that the phone number included in the citation is local and not an 800 number; and
3. keeping legal designations such as LLC out of the title of the business on the website.

Leveraging Social Media

Each of the individual, local website should have its own social media page. The attention that each local page gets will factor into the overall attention that the franchise gets as long as the pages are properly indexed. The franchise should also take note of the locations that receive the most attention from social media. These strategies should be in other locations that may not be having the same success.

Local Customer Reviews

One of the easiest ways to separate each individual location from the other franchise locations without upsetting the format is through customer reviews. Solicit these customer reviews on websites such as Yelp. Place the best reviews on your website as testimonials.