Eight Common Mistakes That Business Owners Make While Creating Backlinks

Written by: Jason Bayless | April 27, 2017

There are several common mistakes that business owners make when they’re trying to get links to their website. Here are eight common strategies to create backlinks that aren’t good for local SEO:

1. Bad Forum Posts:

This link building strategy can backfire when it’s poorly done. Forum links can be bad for search rankings if the comment isn’t related to your website. Poorly written comments also can be counterproductive. If you make either of these mistakes, your comment may appear to be spam!

2. Using Bots That Post Spam:

While some bots can be useful, many of them aren’t. This is because many bots only post messages that are obviously automated. This can be detrimental to one’s search rankings.

3. Posting Dead Links:

There are a variety of errors that could cause a link to be dead. If a backlink goes to a page that you no longer have on your website, the link will be dead. If you make any errors while typing out the URL, the link is also likely to be dead. Leaving dead links online can be harmful to your search rankings.

4. Buying Your Links:

There are a couple of reasons why paying for links is a bad idea. If you purchase backlinks, you have no idea where they’ll be posted. They could be posted on poor quality websites, and this will end up harming your search rankings. Furthermore, Google doesn’t allow people to buy links. In fact, Google deletes websites from their search results if they find out that the owner purchased backlinks.

5. Signing Up To Every Web Directory You Can:

Many people want to have backlinks on as many web directories as they can. However, it’s not very effective for your search engine optimization strategy to get your backlinks on directories that aren’t related to your business.

6. Indiscriminate Reciprocal Linking:

If you link your website to sites that have content that’s not relevant to your site, the links aren’t likely to improve your local search rankings. In addition, it isn’t likely to improve your site’s local search rankings if you have reciprocal links with websites that are of poor quality. Having reciprocal links with poor quality websites can actually lower your website’s search rankings.

7. Poor Commenting For Backlinks On Blogs:

Poorly written blog comments with backlinks aren’t likely to help your search rankings. In fact, they can be damaging to your rankings. In addition, irrelevant comments on blogs that include backlinks aren’t likely to help your search rankings at all. They could even be seen as spam.

8. Not Putting Enough Effort Into Your Link Building Strategy:

Many business owners think that they don’t need to put much time into their backlink building strategy. However, this typically isn’t the case. In fact, it takes a lot of work to effectively implement an effective backlink building strategy.