Enterprise Local SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | November 05, 2015

Enterprise packages for local SEO can help your business succeed in your locality. When people search for a business, they will find your company before they find a non-regional specific area. However, you have to configure your website properly to take advantage of regional SEO options.

The Difficulty of Marketing to Multiple Regions

It doesn’t matter if you have one location you need to market to or several across the country, you’re not going to get the kind of business you need if you don’t market well to all your locations. Just showing up in search engine results isn’t enough. If someone from Las Vegas is looking for a shop and they only get locations from San Francisco, it’s not going to do your business any good. You must rank well and appropriately for each location for your campaign to have a real effect.

Local Ranking is a Time-Consuming Process

It’s easier to rank for a specific topic or type of product than it is to maintain a host of local search engine listings. With multiple listings, it’s important to keep track of all the listings and pay attention to the ever-changing online environment. New competitors in a particular area, hijacking by the competition and getting poor reviews can all hurt your businesses bottom line. Hiring a team that is capable of providing highly optimized search engine tools can help ensure your business stays at the front in each locality.

What an Enterprise Local SEO Company Does

An Enterprise Local SEO company works to make sure that their client gets listed in all of the localities where they own a business. This can mean tweaking local business information, and creating local versions of each website so that Google and other search engines list each individual store. They run local SEO audits, SEO inconsistency checks, bulk listing engines and SEO citation building campaigns. As a company, if you rank in the top of the search engine results, that’s good news. However, you also need to rank highly for location specific results, especially as more people begin to use mobile phones to find local restaurants and businesses.

The Search Engine Landscape is Changing

Google and other search engine providers have continued to concentrate on personalized search results. They use a variety of factors that include location, search history and intelligent prediction protocols. A website that is optimized for national coverage may work extremely well, but it will miss out on local niche markets that the competition is focusing on. Getting listed in the displayed results for locations is going to become increasingly difficult. This is why getting in on the local scene now is so important. It’s great if your customers know your brand and search for your company by name, but most customers who search locally want the closest and most convenient option. If your business isn’t listed, you can get their business.

Creating Location Specific Webpages

One way to increase your local SEO is by creating pages for each of your locations. Many enterprise-level companies do this, and they tie them in with their main business website. These pages need to be linked to in a specific way to get the benefit of the main company website’s exposure while still being unique enough to show up in the local search engine results. Your business needs a NAP citation for each store you own. NAP refers to the name, address and phone number of your companies. These pages also need to be highly targeted. For this reason, it’s important that you hire a company that has expertise in creating local versions of your company website.