Essential Local SEO Tips and Tricks for a WordPress Site

Written by: Jason Bayless | April 24, 2018

There are quite a few tips that you may utilize to boost your local SEO for your WordPress site. Therefore, this article aims to help you to learn a few of the most important tips you should use to have the most impact on your local SEO. By using these tips, they will allow you to determine precisely which types of actions may penalize you and what strategy to use to go up in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

As an illustration of what you should do to help your local SEO: To boost your local SEO, it is necessary to frequently perform a complete cleaning of your links, keeping only the most beneficial. To detect fraudsters and spammers, Google refers to, among other things, the link profiles of websites. These sites are usually quickly identified and removed from Google results by the search engine.

This ban is a risk that many of us do not want to take lightly. This risk is especially heinous when you know that sometimes you have to wait several months, or even several years, before getting out of a ban imposed by Google. Therefore, you should make sure that the sites that link to your site are all high quality.

Remember, Google frequently modifies its algorithms and takes into account your recent activity. If the actions you take are wrong and unnecessary or harmful, you could not only lose traffic but potentially market share as well. On the other hand, the tips listed in this article are not the only factors in determining your presence or position in Google’s local search results page, and this should not be the exclusive goal of your local content marketing strategy either.

I should remind you that the time you spend working on local SEO, which is sometimes vital for your structure, is not a waste of time as it will pay off further along the road. Again, frame your local SEO in a way that is relevant to your local readers. Do not think local SEO strategy, think content creation.

You may wonder: “How should I handle the data that I collate and how should I employ these tools?” Well, you should usually start with the tips listed in this article, and then as you work on your local SEO for your WordPress site, you may employ more advanced strategies to improve the local SEO of all the most strategically important pages on your WordPress site.

As you can see, performing a local SEO audit is quite complete, and at the end of your work, you should make a report to help you to understand the analysis. Remember, you should ask yourself: “Is content optimized for search engines the only way of contributing to lead generation?” Also, your WordPress site may be beautiful, but is the content you place on your site worthy of your site?

It is your content that Google will use to determine whether or not you have a high ranking for your local SEO. Therefore, a beautiful website is nearly worthless if the material that you have posted on your WordPress site is low quality. That is because Google will penalize your local SEO for this low-quality material.

Also, the registration of a site to directories no longer has the same impact as before. Nowadays the most valuable thing is backlinks. These backlinks are an indicator related to the popularity of the page, and the total number of links that point to it with different IPs. Remember, the page which receives the most external links is usually the page with a higher rank on the SERPs.